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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials
Tanzkongress 2022




We look back on four inspiring days of Tanzkongress, during which Mainz became the dance capital of the world and the guiding concept Sharing Potentials was intensively lived and implemented. A big thank you to all participants, contributors and artists who, with their perspectives and impulses, made the Tanzkongress what we had hoped for – a place of exchange for dancers and dance professionals that sent a strong signal for the future of dance.

Over 950 dance professionals from more than 70 countries – including dancers, choreographers, rehearsal directors, company and theatre directors, educators and producers – came together in and around the Staatstheater Mainz in the spirit of sharing potentials. It was primarily dancers who made their way to Mainz, and they were enthusiastic about the programme, the diversity of its voices, the intercommunication and the hospitality. They all shared the wish for a continuation of the Tanzkongress format, which was revived by the German Federal Cultural Foundation under its director, Horentsia Völckers, on the lines of the legendary dancers’ congresses of the 1920s and 30s, and has taken place every three years in different cities since 2006.

The website continues to provide access to the archive of events and contributors after the congress. And in the Tanzkongress.NITEhotel you will still find selected events of the Tanzkongress 2022, which will be permanently available on-demand there.

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