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Tanz Kongress 2022 | Mainz | Sharing potentials



Stephanie Afrifa

cultural innovator, editor at large
Stephanie Afrifa (she/her) is a cultural innovator based in The Netherlands. She currently works as editor at large for Vogue Magazine and curates four pages of art, literature and culture in Glamour Magazine. With her personal project ‘Celestial Space’ she researches how people of color experience public spaces and interviews them on where they feel safe and unsafe and what aspects of a space makes them feel either safe or unsafe. She aims to create a space at the crossroads of visual art, architecture, philosophy and empirical research to awaken a connection to your core self and others to create a sense of much needed collective intimacy and vulnerability. “I use my voice to amplify dope moments, movements and people. I find happiness in meaningful connections, thoughtful communication, critical thinking and creating safe spaces to catalyse change and build bridges.” Afrifa has worked with HipHopHuis, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, De Bijenkorf, Mama Cash Feminist Festival, State of Fashion and Van Gogh Museum. She often participated in public debates and prime-time talk shows where she discussed art, community and culture. One of her highlights is her interview with renowned artist and filmmaker Ai Wei Wei for De Wereld Draait Door.

Taigué Ahmed


Taïgué Ahmed began his career as a teenager with traditional dance in Chad. He first encountered contemporary dance through workshops led by Julie Dossavi. After studying in Senegal and France, he returned to N*Djamena in Chad. Taïgué Ahmed is artistic director of the Association Ndam Se Na as well as of large dance projects with refugees. He organizes dance festivals and international gatherings of art and science in Chad. At the same time, he works as a choreographer, produces pieces by other artists, and dances himself in various projects. He regularly gives workshops in Chad and Europe on different dance techniques and dance pedagogy with a focus on working with refugees, people with war experiences, young people or children. For Tanzkongress 2022, he is co-curating the congress program on the theme of Transcendence together with Mamela Nyamza.

Tadas Almantas

dancer, photographer

Tadas Almantas is a lithuanian dancer and photographer. He has graduated from the M.K.Č. National school of Arts in Vilnius (LT), furthered BA studies at Codarts (NL), and now is finishing his dance BA in HFMDK Frankfurt. When creating choreography work Tadas focuses on structures, applying visual arts principles to create stage imagery, giving special attention to immersive light design and sound.

Adriana Almeida Pees

head of dance department, curator, psychologist
Since 2017 Dr. Adriana Almeida Pees is the head of dance department and curator at Theater Freiburg in Germany. She danced in different dance companies in Brazil and Germany. She graduated as a psychologist at the Faculdade Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU) São Paulo and did her post doctorate and doctorate at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas-SP/ Brazil (State University of Campinas - UNICAMP) at the Institute of Arts in the Department of Dance. As a Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) teacher, practitioner and Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME), she has been leading the BMC training program in Brazil since 2009 and in Uruguay since 2015. She is a cranial sacral therapist and also a structural bodyworker Anatomy Trains from Thomas Meyer. As well as a master trainer in Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®, Ladder® 1 & 2 and Jumping sliding board and formed as a Brain Gym 1-2 . From 2004-2019 she has been co-founder and co-owner, also co-managing director of the international production office / interior Produções Artísticas Internacionais Ltda in São Paulo, which has so far implemented around 50 cultural exchange projects in Brazil, South America and Europe.

Pascale Altenburger

dancer, dance teacher, mediator
At the age of 4, Pascale Altenburger (she/her) started classical ballet at the Bern Conservatory. Soon, however, she became interested in other dance styles such as jazz, modern, salsa and African dance. After a long stay abroad in New York City, she discovered her great passion, Hip Hop dance with all its facets and variations. Back in Switzerland she started teaching herself and still does. Baba is also active in associations that fight against racism. Baba regularly takes on (inter)cultural mediation assignments to challenge discrimination in dance and cultural institutions.

Antje Pfundner in Gesellschaft

choreographer, dancer and artistic director
Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft (APiG) is headquartered in Hamburg, produces stage pieces and initiates collaborative spaces. To found her Gesellschaft, her community, Antje Pfundtner received the concept funding of the Hamburg administration for culture and media as the first choreographer in 2012/2013. APiG is made up of a core team: Anne Kersting (dramaturg and curator), Michael Lentner (lighting design and technical director), Yvonne Marcour (outfitter and costume designer), Hannah Melder (production manager, PR and marketing), Juliana Oliveira (artistic assistant and performer), Irene Pätzug (visual artist), Antje Pfundtner (choreographer, dancer and artistic director) and Nikolaus Woernle (composer and sound designer). Alternating guests and colleagues of Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft are, among others: Jenny Beyer, Verena Brakonier, Dani Brown, Silke Hundertmark, Sven Kacirek, Barbara Lubich, Trinidad Martínez, Matthew Rogers, Anna Till. In addition to her stage cooperations with Kampnagel Hamburg, K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie, FFT Düsseldorf, HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft develops formats of artistic sharing. It is currently initiating the TISCHGESELLSCHAFTEN, a meeting initiative to network, share resources and stabilize the exchange of knowledge. In the context of questions such as „How do you share ideas? How do you share money?“, the TISCHGESELLSCHAFTEN serve to promote a constant exchange among art professionals as well as to research their working conditions. „We hope for a sustained self-empowerment of the scene in regular meetings to exchange creative and structural ideas on the practice of sharing – in the development of concrete new approaches for financing of dance art beyond individual projects as well as by focusing energy and resources.“ Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft This six-year dialogue platform project is made possible with support from TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund. It takes place at regular intervals in different constellations and at different locations.

Adrián Arriaga Madrigal

dancer, choreographer

Costa Rican dancer and choreographer Adrián Arriaga Madrigal graduated with the second generation of Conservatorio El Barco in 2009. He is the co-founder of the group Colectivo Clá. They won the National Dance Award for best group of choreographers in 2014, thanks to their projects both inside and outside the country. With Colectivo Clá he has participated in all the montages as choreographer and dancer, besides presenting and having given workshops in countries like China, Korea, France, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, among others. With Clá, Adrián participated in the Choreographers Festival, organized by the National Theater of Costa Rica, where they won first place twice with their shows El Adicto and Ciebzie, as well as winning three consecutive years the award Virginia Pérez Ratón at the same festival.

He is also a trained instructor of Capoeira, acrobatics and juggling, as well as teacher of contemporary dance. Arriaga has participated in different choreographies with different choreographers of great trajectory such as: Idea de Hombre Viejo by Anton Lachky, Súper Mature and Rara by 4pelos/losdenmedium, PCC33 by Las Hijas de Otro, Entre Quijotes with Andrea Catania and Alex Catona, A partes iguales by Alexis Eupierre, Sueños Cortados a collective work with José Andrés Álvarez, Mario Blanco, Jimmy Ortiz and Diego Álvarez Sanóu and Sueño Kafquiano by Sol Carballo, among others.

Alpay Artun

software developer
Alpay Artun is a software developer, born and raised in Kaufbeuren. He fell in love with video games in early years and naturally came in touch with computers later on. He did his first programming as hobby at the age of 17 when he programmed a website for an esports clan. He turned his passion into his profession and achieved Bachelor of Science degree in Media Information Technology (Medieninformatik) at the University of Ulm in 2015. Today he works at Widerstand und Soehne GmbH, a creative powerhouse for customised, interconnected software and hardware solutions.

Lukas Avendaño

Lukas Avendaño is a member of the National System of Creators of Art (SNCA - Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte). He is known for his contribution to the Mexican scene on the themes of ethnicity, gender, sexuality and human rights. His choreographic work, which he calls "anthropology applied to staging," has been shown in more than 25 International Festivals abroad, as well as in the most important universities in Mexico. His work opens spaces of reflection and non-hegemonic epistemologies through concepts such as "tenacity", "archaeology of memory", "installation for the human body" and/or "performativity of the everyday".

Takao Baba

dancer, choreographer
Takao Baba is a dancer and choreographer. He has his artistic background in the urban dance scene. Since 2004 he has focused his work on contemporary stage productions. In 2007 he received an invitation to the Tanzplattform Hannover as the first urban dance production with the dance piece 2nd ID. His artistic motivation is to establish urban dance as an art form in Germany. In his choreographies and productions, elements of urban dance, Cirque Nouveau and contemporary dance flow together. Since 2017, Takao Baba has also been staging stage pieces for children. With the piece Boys Don't Dance he received the invitation to the Augenblick mal Festival and Westwind Festival.

Fernando Balsera Pita

Fernando Balsera was born in Madrid where started his dance training and got graduated from Environmental Engineering. He finished his dance education with a Postgraduate in Contemporary Dance at The Place, London. After graduated he has worked for MotionHouse Dance Theater in the UK and Gabriella Maiorino, Lilach Livne and Simone Sandroni in Amsterdam and Munich. Since 2011 Fernando lives in Berlin and has worked for Toula Limnaios, Shangchi Sun, Wee Dance Company- Gerhart Hauptmann Theater Görlitz, Hagit Yakira Dance (London, Uk), PlanMee (Nürnberg, Germany), Ruben Reniers (Berlin, Germany), Junk Ensemble (Ireland), Cie. Laroque (Salzburg), Szene2wei and Sasha Waltz. He is a SIY Certified teacher and MBSR qualified teacher and teaches mental health programs regularly in Theaters (Heidelberg, Koblenz, Görlitz) and corporations (Zalando, Yopeso, Kearney).

Adrian Bartczak

Adrian Bartczak (*1988) – mover, teacher, choreographer. His education comes from various workshops and coachings.Adrian was taught by Krzyszfor Skolimowski, Witold Jurewicz, Ray Chung, Christophe Jeannot and Jozef Frucek. He worked consistently as a freelancer since 2008. During this period he collaborated with Michał Ratajski, Tomasz Rodowicz, Rob Hayden, Sarah Shelton Mann, Rosana Gamson, Minako Seki, Roberto Olivan, Jacek Owczarek. From 2011 on he was both teacher and choreographer in the Polish dance collective KIJO. Adrian has also cooperated with Chorea Theater since 2012. Since August 2016 Adrian has been part of Carte Blanche.

Jana Bäskau

Head of artistic administration

Jana Bäskau (she/her) studied German and English at the Universität Rostock and, after working as a press aide at the Volkstheater Rostock, theater studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. From 1999 to 2011, she worked at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin, first as dramaturg and production manager, later as producer at the department of guest performances/international contacts. She also worked as a producer at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, and Diehl+Ritter, a Berlin cultural office operating internationally, among others. For Tanzkongress 2019, she acted as project manager and executive director, followed by an engagement as executive producer at the 2020 edition of Tanz im August and as interim project manager for the Creative Europe project Big Pulse Dance Alliance. Since September 2021, she is a member of the management team for the Tanzkongress 2022.

Alexandra Baybutt

movement educator, researcher, artist
Alexandra Baybutt  works as a movement educator, researcher and artist. She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at University College London in the Institute of Advanced studies. She studied contemporary dance a Laban, London, and performance and culture at Goldsmiths. In 2020, she completed her PhD at Middlesex University on the imperceptible politics of contemporary dance festival curatorial praxis in the former Yugoslav space, supported by ERASMUS+, and involving 18 months of fieldwork across various countries, most extensively in Serbia and Slovenia. As registered somatic movement educator and a practitioner of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System since 2010 she has taught on movement analysis programmes internationally, as well as teaching somatic movement, improvisation and choreography to actors, musicians and dancers in professional training and Higher Education contexts, and in private practice in the UK. Dramaturgical work includes for choreographer Tania Soubry, and for Maya Felixbrodt/Moving Strings. 

Sevi Bayraktar

professor, scholar
Sevi Bayraktar (Ph.D. Phil.) studied at UCLA and is currently Professor of Dance, Music and Performance in Global Contexts at the Center for Contemporary Dance at the Cologne University of Music and Dance in Germany. Her research touches on dance and performance studies, sociology, and political theory, and applies choreographic and ethnographic methods. Her current book project analyzes folk dance, heritagization, and social movements in the modern history of the Turkish Republic.

Sarah Bergh

curator, political educator
After working in press and organization in theater and in production for dance and performance festivals, Sarah Bergh has been working self-employed since 2002 in the context of bergh kultur- und kunstprojekte, an office for the conception and realization of art and cultural projects. The focus of her work is on education and the topics of diversity, discrimination and empowerment. She continuously curates mediation concepts for museums in the context of decolonization and artistic formats. Since 2015, she has been working in the department of political education at the Pedagogical Institute - Municipal Education Management of the Department of Education and Sports of the City of Munich (Fachdienst Politische Bildung am Pädagogischen Institut – Kommunales Bildungsmanagement des Referates für Bildung und Sport der LH München). She moderates artistic and cultural-political (discussion) events.

Johannes Bergmann

dramaturg, coordinator
Johannes Bergmann was assistant director and play manager in Münster, Dortmund and Magdeburg for several years before he studied cultural management with a focus on theater management and joined the dance theater of the Staatstheater Kassel as assistant dramaturg. In 2017, he moved to the Tanzcompagnie Gießen/Stadttheater Gießen/TanzArt ostwest under the direction of Tarek Assam as dramaturg and co-manager. Currently, he coordinates the support program DIS-TANZ-START within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR at the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Bertha Bermúdez


Bertha Bermúdez (she/her) is a dancer, researcher and interactive artist. With a degree in Dance and Choreography, Bertha has been part of Frankfurt Ballet under William Forsyth’s direction, Compañía Nacional de Danza with choreographer Nacho Duato and between 1999 and 2014 she has worked as a dancer, assistant and researcher with the company Emio Greco | PC at the ICKamsterdam.

In 2005 Bermúdez shifted into dance research, and to this day coordinates different research projects on dance notation and documentation. She has been part of the ARTI group at Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, dealing with artistic research and various European research projects. Nowadays she is finishing her PhD at Amsterdam University.

Since 2016 she develops artistic projects accompanying artists and developing dance documentation strategies at the development and professionalisation centre Dantzaz alongside her own company, Creative Paths.

Felix Berner


Felix Berner (he/him) studied dance at Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen and graduated with the Dance Award of the Josef and Else Classen Foundation. As a dancer, he worked with a variety of international choreographers, such as Pina Bausch, Ann van den Broek, Sharon Eyal, Tero Saarinen, Club Guy & Roni and Jan Pusch, and many others. His work as a choreographer has taken him to the Residenztheater in Munich, the Staatstheater Oldenburg, the Staatstheater Mainz, and the Theater der Jungen Welt in Leipzig. In addition to teaching at various universities, he offers numerous advanced workshops on dance and dance education and is a jury member for the Tanztreffen der Jugend of the Berliner Festspiele. For the Tanzkongress 2022 he is part of the management team, contributing as a conceptual collaborator and collaborated with Marina Grün in curating the module Co-Creating with Communities.

Lisa Besser

Artistic production management

Lisa Besser (she/her) studied international cultural management and worked as a festival assistant for LAOKOON at Kampnagel in Hamburg, the Freiburg Theater Festival, and the Internationale Tanztage at the Staatstheater Oldenburg. There she started out as an assistant in 2007, and later worked as staff member of the dance direction of nordwest / Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg & Tanztheater Bremen. She also served as the organizational director of the PAZZfestival 2008 and the Internationale Tanztage 2009-2013. Since 2014, she has been the creative production director of tanzmainz and the tanzmainz festivals at the Staatstheater Mainz, and works in the same capacity for Tanzkongress 2022.

Fabienne Bill


Fabienne Bill (she/her) lives her vocation as a mediator, team & mental coach. Having worked in various corporate contexts for the last 14 years, she has made numerous experiences and developed an intuitive sense of what people and organizations need in order to deal with challenging situations, supporting her on her quest today. tanzmainz and Fabienne Bill crossed paths 5 years ago and have been collaborating together since. She has been supporting and accompanying the group in its development and communication. She is a mother of one who loves recreational activities like cooking, yoga and playing tennis.

Annabelle Bonnéry

choreographer, artistic director, rehearsal director, teacher
After a start of a career in 1991 as dancer for international renowned choreographers such as the Catalan choreographer Ramon Oller, the Portuguese choreographer Rui Horta or the French ones J.C Gallotta and Maguy Marin, Annabelle Bonnéry has developed an artistic path as choreographer, artistic director and rehearsal director, assistant and teacher. For 20 years she has been leading the Company Lanabel based in France. Her meeting with the set designer and art gallerist François Deneulin marked the beginning of a creative process involving collaborations between choreography and visual arts, and other art and non-art fields such as Industry, Science or Gastronomy. With his complicity, she has created the Company Lanabel and she has realized 19 creations presented in France and in international venues and festivals. From 2012 she has led cooperation projects between Burkina Faso and France creating and developing exchanges with cultural organizations and artists. Her last creation with Lanabel, Two, seul with the famous Congolese countertenor Serge Kakudji, the Burkinabe dancer Romual Kabore and the Spanish dancer Nuria Navarra has been raised from this cooperation. From 2016, she has been invited by Chaillot - the National Theater for Dance in Paris for a two years participative project which associates inhabitants and professionals from a specific territory, La Goutte d'Or Paris 18è. That process focuses on encounters and sharing experiences and raises actual societal questions through several art mediums such as set design, music and singing and dance in their diversity of aesthetic. From 2011 to 2014, she assumed the role of Rehearsal director in the Norwegian National dance company/Carte Blanche under the leadership of Bruno Heynderickx. She has been appointed as the Artistic director of the Company from August 2018. Contemporary creation process encouraging crossing different art forms, research in Dance and audience development tool have structured an important part of her life. These experiences have created an awareness of cultural exchanges, openness to others, a confrontation of cultural and aesthetic visions of the world which has oriented her evolution as dancer, creator or leader.

Ty Boomershine

artistic director, dancer
Ty Boomershine has worked with artists and companies including Lucinda Childs Dance, Emio Greco | PC, LeineRoebana, Dan Wagoner, Gus Solomons Jr., Bill T. Jones, Ton Simons, the Merce Cunningham Repertory Ensemble, Yvonne Rainer, Dancenoise and Robert Wilson. He is artistic assistant to Lucinda Childs. In 2015 he joined the Dance On Ensemble, becoming its artistic director in 2019.

Simomo Bouj

movement artist, art director , curator

Simomo Bouj moves, moves you, and is moved by you, in many different contexts, environments and (non-)professional spaces. Simomo holds space and helps you activate it collectively with diverse cultural, professional and moving skills that find their origin from Morocco to here. Simomo has a varied dance background starting “on the streets” where they danced hip-hop to the the Royal Conservatory of contemporary dance in Antwerp. They have also started a Masters research program ISAC (Institute Supérieure des Arts Chorégraphique) at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Brussels. They continued their research at Tanzhaus NRW Dusseldorf. There Simomo also created a workshop/think-tank/kiki/salon/ceremony/…whateveryouwannacallit – a gathering that invites “the allowing of art & the art of allowing” and shares the practice of the “embodied safe space”.

Besides that they are choreographing nomadic leaderless raves with Floor van Leeuwen. Together with Jan Hoek they are curating a photo exposition celebrating the unseen for Pride Photo Awards with works of artists from all over the world. Bouj is also the adjunct director of Outsiderland, an art space that exposes, initiates and researches collaborations between the "Outsider and Insider art world". There they bring artists that are not recognized by the “regular” art-scene together with artists who have a spot in the art world.

Bouj makes cool bubblegum installations together with Gert Wessels and lives in them as a jukebox full of various movement philosophies.

Toke Broni Strandby

dance artist, movement lecturer, faciliator
Toke Broni Strandby is a dance artist and movement lecturer, currently based in Denmark. He has been working with Candoco Dance Company for more than 10 years, both as a dancer and as a rehearsal director, where he has gained a tremendous amount of experience, working inclusively with contemporary dance. Strandby calls himself a facilitator, as he visions to form his work through a guidance and through communicating an atmosphere, where everyone in the space should feel allowed and encouraged to be at their own best self.

Allison Brown

professor, choreographer, dancer
Allison Brown is Professor of Classical Ballet for Contemporary Dancers at the Center for Contemporary Dance at the Academy for Music and Dance in Cologne. From 2010 to 2019 she was on faculty at the University for Musik and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. An important focus of her teaching is trying to work on a daily basis towards the development and advocation of anti-competitive, democratic frameworks and formats welcoming diverse bodies and artistic practices. Strength training and sports science are additional areas of concentration in her work with young dancers. As an instructor on William Forsythe’s Improvisation Technologies, Brown has taught at numerous schools, festivals and companies. She staged Forsythe works such as Duo, Workwithinwork and Artifact Suite on various occasions for dance companies worldwide. As a choreographer, Brown has been creating works since 1998. These include works for Pretty Ugly/Ballett Freiburg, the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm - Frankfurt ,Transitions Dance Company Laban - London and Gärtnerplatztheater - Munich. Brown danced with the New York City Ballet, Twyla Tharp and Dancers, Amanda Miller’s Pretty Ugly Dance Company and Saburo Teshigawara’s Karas Company. From 1996 to 2004 she was a member of William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt.

Kit Brown

Kit Brown has worked as a dancer at Skånes Dansteater in Malmö since 2015 where he is also co-creator of the podcast: DancePod with Skånes Dansteater. He has previously worked with National Dance Company Wales and Welsh National Opera and with choreographers including Ben Wright, Alexander Ekman, Marina Mascarell, Örjan Andersen, Tilman O’Donnell, Tina Tarpgaard and Stephen Petronio among others. He has a BA (Hons) and MA in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School.


CHAKKARs - Moving Interventions, which is currently being established by Sandra Chatterjee and Sarah Bergh with the support of Ariadne Jakoby has been working on opening up resonant spaces in which BIPoC, post-migrant, decolonizing, intersectional critical approaches (anti-racist, critically white, addressing othering), perspectives and/or contents can be negotiated, initiated and received. CHAKKARs focuses on working in the professionalized dance context, as well as working through dance, bodies and physical cultures outside the world of professionalized contemporary dance. CHAKKARs core topics fare: Dance and Racism; Decentering Eurocentrism- Decolonizing Shifts of Perspective; and Forgotten Dance Histories. In addition to the long-term project Munich Dance (Hi)Stories, CHAKKARs also publishes the discursive-performative eZine Moving Interventions.

Gwen Hsin-Yi Chang


Acting as a bridge between Europe and Asia, Gwen (she/her) is a Luxembourg-based international arts manager and producer with over 15 years experience supporting Taiwanese and European dance artists and organizations to realize their international projects. As Head of International Partnerships at National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) in 2017-2021, she led the dance & circus production team under the direction of Artistic Director, and as curator produced Taiwan Dance Platform and Weiwuying Circus Platform. She is Aerowaves Partner and core member of CAN-Circus Asia Network.

Zachary Chant

dancer, digital arts creator
Sydney-born Zachary Chant is a dancer and digital arts creator. Dancing for over 20 years both in Australia and Europe, Chant also collaborates with his De-Da Productions colleague Denislav Kanev on a wide range of projects including photographic work, recordings, projections, short films, and trailers for diverse dance and theatre companies. The overlapping fields of performing and digital arts have provided challenging yet rewarding creative opportunities to explore. It is these that continue to inspire Zachary’s recent work, and helps him remain creatively curious.


choreographer, improviser, dancer, organizer
Chartreuse (she/her) is a choreographer, improviser, dancer, and organizer within queer community in Berlin. Her work and experience are rooted in collaboration and incorporates movement, site, ritual, and new forms of audience engagement. Chartreuse attended University in San Francisco where she earned a BFA in dance. After school she relocated to Seattle, spending 2012 - 2018 focusing on creating choreographic work, premiering three full-length performances (the PYLON series). Now she lives in Berlin, spends time with her sisterhood* of trans siblings, and practices somatic forms of witchcraft with a focus of self-realization, communal care, and survival strategy.

Sandra Chatterjee

choreographer, scholar
Dr. Sandra Chatterjee is a choreographer and scholar in the field of culture, performance and dance studies. Focusing on gender, migration and postcolonial studies, her work explores the intersections between theory and artistic practice. Artistically, Chatterjee is interested in direct interaction with the audience and seeks to engage senses we don't normally work with, such as the sense of smell. She is a founding member of the Post Natyam Collective, a multinational internet-based coalition of choreographers and scholars, was co-organizer of Integrier-Bar Munich (2011-2013) and 7hoch2// Festival for Citizen Commissioned Art in Salzburg (Festival für zivile Auftragskunst) (2017). Her current projects and initiatives include CHAKKARs - Moving Interventions, the research project Border - Dancing Across Time (FWF P 31958-G) at the University of Salzburg and olfactory choreographic projects: smells of racism and smells of coexistence. For 2020-2022 she was selected as artist of the international exchange and production platform FREISCHWIMMEN.

Katja Cheraneva

dancer, choreographer
Katja Cheraneva (she/her) is a freelance dancer and choreographer based between Berlin and Frankfurt. She has worked in close collaboration with choreographers such as Fabrice Mazliah, Lea Letzel, Francis Chiaverini, Janina Arendt, Ksenia Ravvina, and visual artists such as Anne Imhof, Dudu Quintanilha, Gabriele Rendina Cattani. She has been a member of The Forsythe Company (2010-2015) and a co-founder member of HOOD (Host Organisation fOr proDuction), held an artistic fellowship at PACT Zollverein from 2017 to 2019. Together with Mazliah and Milz, she manages a Werkstatt project space in Frankfurt.

Frances Chiaverini

performer, activist, choreographer
Frances Chiaverini (CBA ’20) (BFA Juilliard 2003) is a performer, activist, and choreographer born in Pittsburgh who uses interactive performance and community engagement to discuss ideas of human objectivity, reproduction, valuation, and the politics of formalized dance aesthetics. She co-founded Whistle in 2017 with Robyn Doty. Chiaverini is a two-time recipient of the Frankfurt am Main Cultural Funding Grant and was a Resident Fellow for two years at Pact Zollverein Choreographic Center in Essen. She was a dancer in The Forsythe Company in its final seasons, a choreographic consultant for Anne Imhof since 2015 for works at The Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Tate Modern, and others and now works with Trajal Harrell in Zürich. Chiaverini directs workshops internationally, most recently for the Goethe Institute in Mexico and Armenia, for the Dramaturgische Gesellschaft Germany, Tanz im August Berlin, Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Tanz Frankfurt and The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Ka Fai Choy

Choy Ka Fai is a Berlin-based Singaporean artist. His multidisciplinary art practice situates itself at the intersection of dance, media art and performance. At the heart of his research is a continuous exploration of the metaphysics of the human body. Ka Fai’s projects have been presented in major institutions and festivals worldwide, including Sadler’s Wells (London, UK), ImPulsTanz Festival (Vienna, Austria) and Tanz Im August (Berlin, Germany). He was the resident artist at tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf (2017–2019) and Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin (2014–2015). In 2010, he was awarded the Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council, Singapore. Ka Fai graduated with a M.A. in Design Interaction from the Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom.

Julia F. Christensen

researcher, author
Julia F. Christensen, Ph.D., studied psychology and neuroscience in Spain, France, and the UK. Her research into dance and the brain is published regularly in international peer-reviewed journals and is also featured widely in the press including in the Washington Post and the New York Times. Dr. Christensen is a senior researcher at the Max Planck Institute for empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt/M, and she is the author of the German Bestseller Dancing is the Best Medicine (Greystone, 2021; Tanzen ist die Beste Medizin, Rowohlt Polaris 2018; Bailar es la Mejor Medicina, Ediciones Obelisco, 2019).

María José Cifuentes


PhD in History candidate, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC). Masters in Performing Art and Visual Culture, University of Alcalá, Madrid. Researcher, teacher, curator and cultural manager. Author of 'Social History of Dance in Chile 1940-1990' (LOM, 2007) and co-author of 'Independent Dance in Chile from 1990 to 2000 Reconstruction of a scene' (2009). Member of the research group Artea (Spain) Director of NAVE Residence and Creation Art Center in Santiago de Chile.

Dominika Cohn

choreographer, PhD student
Dominika Cohn is a choreographer and PhD student in the DFG Research Training Group Ästhetische Praxis at the University of Hildesheim, where she researches participatory choreography. She studied stage dance at the Laban Center in London and worked as a choreographer and dancer for several years before completing her master's degree in dance studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. Before joining the Research Training Group, Dominika Cohn most recently worked as a dance facilitator at the Staatstheater Braunschweig for three seasons.

Volmir Cordeiro

dancer, choreographer
Born in 1987 in Brazil, Volmir Cordeiro firstly graduated in theater and worked with the Brazilian choreographers Alejandro Ahmed, Cristina Moura and Lia Rodrigues. Volmir Cordeiro graduated in 2012 from the experimental dance training Essais at the CNDC (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine) in Angers, with Céu, a much-regarded solo work that toured European and Brazilian dance festivals, and he is now working on a PhD thesis on the figures of marginality in contemporary dance. Volmir Cordeiro has performed in the projects of Xavier Le Roy, Laurent Pichaud, Rémy Héritier, Emmanuelle Huynh, Jocelyn Cottencin et Vera Mantero. In 2014, he created the solo Inés, and in 2015, the duet Epoque with the Paris based chilean dancer Marcela Santander Corvalán. He has closed a first cycle of his work, made of the three solos: Céu, Inés and Rue (created in October 2015 at Musée du Louvre, in collaboration with FIAC) and created a piece for four performers, The eye the mouth and the rest at Le Quartz scène nationale Brest in February 2017. Volmir Cordeiro was the associate artist at Ménagerie de Verre in 2015 and since 2017 is associate artiste at Centre National de la Danse (CND - Pantin). Volmir regularly teaches in choreography courses such as Master Exerce in Montpellier, France, or Master Drama in Gent, Belgium.

Alessandra Corti

dancer, choreographer
Alessandra Corti is a dancer and choreographer. She worked for over 15 years in several German state theaters, Bremer Theater, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, Staatstheater Mainz and in the free scene. She collaborates with renowned choreographers such as Jan Pusch, Guy Weizmann and Roni Haver, Ina Christel Johannessen, Omar Rajeh, Ann Van den Broek, Sharon Eyal, Koen Augustjinen, Rosalba Torres and Alexandra Waierstall. Alessandra created pieces for companies, such as tanzmainz and BallettCompagnie Oldenburg, young audience and solo works. She is enrolled in the MA CoDE program at the HfMDK Frankfurt am Main since April 2021.

De-Da Productions

Established in 2013 by Denislav and Zachary, De-Da Productions specializes in video media within the performing arts. As well as having presented photographic exhibitions in Hamburg and Mainz, they have also developed several award winning short films, and continue to work closely with various dance companies throughout Germany. Currently De-Da Productions are busy collaborating with artists of various mediums on trailers, documentaries, promotional content, short films, and projection work.

Thomas DeFrantz

professor, director
Thomas DeFrantz is Professor of Theatre and Performance studies at Northwestern University. Additionally, he directs the SLIPPAGE laboratory, a research group that explores emerging technology in live performance applications. Before joining Northwestern, he was on faculty at MIT and Duke University, with side jaunts teaching at Yale, Stanford, Hampshire College, and NYU. Thomas believes in our shared capacity to do better and engage creative spirit for a collective good that is anti-racist, proto-feminist, and queer affirming.

Samuel Denton

Samuel Denton is currently a dancer with Skånes Dansteater where he is a co-creator of the podcast, DancePod with Skånes Dansteater. In the company he has worked most recently with Tilman O’Donnell and Marina Mascarell, and independently with Felix Landerer, Tina Tarpgaard and Martin Forsberg among others. He trained at London Contemporary Dance School and was later an apprentice with Dance Across Europe with William Forsythe, Wayne Mcgregor, Frederic Flamand and Angelin Preljocaj.


The works of deufert&plischke focus on time, memory, myth, and how we should live together. As an artistic duo for more than 20 years, they have adhered to the radical notion that choreography can build society, not merely illustrate it. Thus, collaboration and participation are central themes in deufert&plischke's methodology, process and performance: in their multi-faceted work, be it a choreographic concert, lecture, or exhibition, theatre takes place only insofar as it can be knit together by everyone – artists and spectators – in the moment of performance. Choreography thus becomes a social activity, not determined by aesthetic principles, but by existential and philosophical concepts. Theater as a social situation – from the common rehearsal to the performance – is the driving force of deufert&plischke's choreographic form and artistic expression. In 2021 deufert&plischke opened the social art space Spinnerei Schwelm.

Amelie Deuflhard

director, author

Amelie Deuflhard, *1959, has been artistic director at Kampnagel Hamburg since 2007 and made the Kulturfabrik one of the most important European production houses. She was Artistic Director and Managing Director of Sophiensæle from 2000 to 2007. Together with Philipp Oswalt and Matthias Lilienthal, she initiated the artistic interim use of the Palast der Republik as the 'Volkspalast'. She is the author of numerous publications, regularly holds teaching positions, is a jury member on various search committees, and shapes the German-language theater landscape through her extensive artistic, cultural, and sociopolitical commitment. In May 2022, she was awarded the Theaterpreis Berlin of the Stiftung Preußischer Seehandel at the Theatertreffen.

Mariama Diagne

dancer, dance scholar, dramaturg
Mariama Diagne (Dr. phil.), dancer and dance scholar, is a postdoc in the DFG Collaborative Research Center 1512 Intervenierende Künste at Freie Universität Berlin. Along Afro-diasporic and anti-colonial perspectives, she undertakes re-readings of cultural and dance historiography in the context of canon and the present. As a dramaturg, she accompanied artists at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, among others. She is chairwoman of the board of the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (gtf).

Laila Diallo

dance maker, performer

Laila Diallo (she/her) is a dance maker and performer based in Bristol, UK. Alongside independently and collaboratively devising dance works for live performance, Laila often works as movement director in theatre and opera. Notions of impermanence, of our perception of the passing of time, and of how we negotiate togetherness thread through recent works and current research.

Recent works include short film 1:1, Produced by MAYK and commissioned by British Council #WomenPowerinCulture for WOW Istanbul, and In The Company of Others, a live work currently in development commissioned by Projekt Europa.

For opera and theatre, credits include: ABBA Voyage (Live band choreography), Rigoletto, Otello, Un Ballo in Maschera (Opera North); Wonder Boy (Bristol Old Vic); Three Seagulls (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School), Aïda, War and Peace (Canadian Opera Company); Thérèse Raquin, All’s Well That Ends Well (National Theatre); The Prince of Homburg, Dance of Death (Donmar); Tis Pity She’s a Whore (West Yorkshire Playhouse).

The recipient of a Rayne Fellowship for Choreographers in 2006, Laïla Diallo also was Associate Artist at ROH2, Royal Opera House, between 2009 and 2012, and recipient of a 2018 Leverhulme Art Scholarship through Bristol Old Vic Ferment.

Ingo Diehl

dancer, dance pedagogue
Prof. Ingo Diehl, a certified stage dancer and dance educator, is the director of the Master for Contemporary Dance Education program, vice president for quality assurance in teaching and interdisciplinary projects, and president of the Hessian Theater Academy. From 2005 to 2011, he was the Director of Education - Tanzplan Deutschland, an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, as well as the developer of the Biennale Tanzausbildung and the Tanztechniken 2010 research project, and co-founder of Diehl+Ritter gUG and Tanzfonds. Since April 2012, he has been directing the MA CoDE (Contemporary Dance Education) program at the HfMDK and is building an international network with universities and event venues. In addition to teaching, he is active as a member of the board of trustees, consultant, expert and curator, on various festivals and panels, and in dance and performance policy contexts.

Patscharaporn Distakul

Patscharaporn Krüger-Distakul received her Bachelor in Dance from Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy and has completed a further education in cultural management at Kölner Institut für Kulturarbeit. She has worked for various dance companies (i.e. Ballet Preljocaj, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz) and with choreographers in freelance projects around Europe. Currently she is developing her own work focussing on the topic of female menstrual cycle in dance, documentation and retelling life experiences from female perspectives.

Dahlia Dixon Li

artist,doctoral candidate
Dahlia Li (she/they) is an artist and doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of English. Her dissertation explores 20th and 21st-century experimental dance as it intersects with histories of diaspora, race, and theories of technological mediation. In addition to her scholarly writing, she is working on a series of nonfiction essays on the gendered afterlives of diasporic revolution and is a practicing dance artist who collaborates with Be Heintzman Hope, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Ogemdi Ude, and Elisa Zuppini. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.



Whether Battle of the Year, Red Bull BC One, Juste Debout or Funkin Stylez: DJ ICE-C has always made sure that dancers get the right beats during his career at countless national and international events. Clubs & festivals gigs, DJ support for live acts or musical excursions into other genres are also always a welcome change for him. There is no limit for music!

Agathe Djokam Tamo

dancer, choreographer
Born in Mbalmayo Agathe Djokam Tamo is a resident of Douala in Cameroon, the founder of the company Agathe Djokam and the association Corpo Symbiose, DjokamTamo Agathe. She is a graduate in traditional and contemporary dance of Africa at the Ecole Des Sables in Senegal and gives her body and soul for dance. Djokam Tamo was distinguished for the first time by the French Institute of Cameroon Douala during the Nuit Blanche in 2014. She participated in IN at MASA 2018 and 2020, and was selected for many major dance events such as the Biennale of Dance in Africa 2020 and the Biennale of Dance in Lyon 2021. She was part of the project tours Les Demoiselles d’Afrique by choreographer Salia Sanou, Africa Simply the Best by choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly. With her solo dance project A qui le tour? she left a mark on her career as a dancer/choreographer. In 2021, she gave an online Master class to dance students of the University of Florida. She is one of the teachers for the online workshops organized by ESAD and Science Po of Reims as part of Africa 2020. Coming from the Hip Hop world, she won many local and international competitions. For example as Best Dancer of the Year 2017 at Battle National Cameroon. She has worked with many artists and choreographers. Anchored in her technique called Djibi-Badjep, after many creations and dance projects among which A qui le tour? and Energie, between research, residencies, activities in the heart of public spaces and sharing, she is committed to a new and more advanced choreographic and creative adventures such as JUMP MIND, WUBA, writing projects and the dance work titled ECHOGR’ART-PHIE.

Honne Dohrmann

Programme director

Honne Dohrmann (he/him) started out as program coordinator at Kulturetage Oldenburg. As founder of kultur nord–kulturmanagement, he developed numerous formats in various genres and served as director of dance and theater festivals. In addition, he was a member of the review panel for the European Commission's cultural programmes (EACEA) for several years and was involved in the Board of Directors of the IETM (international network for contemporary performing arts). In 2007/2008, he moved from the independent scene to the Staatstheater Oldenburg and became director of nordwest/Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg & Tanztheater Bremen. Since 2014, he has been director of tanzmainz at the Staatstheater Mainz. At Tanzkongress 2022, he serves as program manager.

Lynn Dokoohaki

Lynn Dokoohaki is a recent addition to youth collective Mit Ohne Alles and  has been working with Mammalian Diving Reflex since 2020, first joining with The Last Minutes Before Mars, presented at the Bochum Schauspielhause.  She is currently studying theatre studies at the University of Bochum.

Robyn Doty

artist, writer, activist
Robyn Doty is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and activist. A collection of her poems were included in Sorry, I need more Space (2020), a collective online project initiated by Valentina Kneževic (Frankfurt, Germany). She has worked with Frances Chiaverini on It’s my house and I live here.; choreographer Roderick George on Dust (2016) which premiered at Berliner Tanztage 2016 and Fleshless Beast (2018) which premiered at Sophiensaele during the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018 and was restaged online in 2020 for Flying Under the Radar Production NYC; with Katja Cheraneva on Cards Against Contemporary Dance which was presented at PACT in Essen, Germany; and with Katja Cheraneva, Frances Chiaverini, and Nadine Fraczkowski on the interdisciplinary work Exercising Fear/Scary Piece (2016) which premiered in Frankfurt, Germany during the Lichter Filmfest.  She has an MA from the Goethe University Frankfurt in Anglophone Literature, Culture, and Media (2019). Currently she lives in Brooklyn and works as a writer and dramaturg on Roderick George’s upcoming dance works. 

Ronja Solveig Eick

music- and dance pedagogue, performance artist
Ronja Solveig Eick is a music- and dance pedagogue and performance artist. She holds a bachelor degree in Music and Dance Education with a focus in social work and inclusive pedagogy at Orff Institute, Mozarteum. She facilitates contact improvisation classes and organizes interdisciplinary Jam sessions. In her pedagogical work she combines dance, music and language for mixed groups of different culture, ability and ages. 2021 she enrolled in the MACoDE at the HfMDK, Frankfurt.

Noam Eidelman Shatil

Noam Eidelman Shatil was born in Israel in 1991. She is a dancer/performer based in Bergen and a member of the Norwegian national dance company Carte Blanche since 2016.She has worked with KCDC2 (2009), Batsheva Ensemble (2011) and with independent choreographers and artists ever since she moved to Berlin with her best friend in 2013. She is a certified yoga teacher, student in Humanities and hobby (but enthusiast) ceramist.

Rajae El Mouhandiz

performing artist, producer, curator, (policy) advisor
Rajae El Mouhandiz (*1979) is a dutch-Moroccan-Algerian interdisciplinary performing artist, producer, curator and (policy) advisor, with extensive experience in the arts/culture sector in The Netherlands and abroad. El Mouhandiz studied classical music at HKU and evolved to composition, songwriting and singing. She blends Soul, Jazz and other music influences with her Maghreb roots. In 2005 she started her own label; Truthseeker records, which she transformed into Kahina Productions in 2015. In 2019 she launched Ellae Foundation, to continue with the realization of independent artistic productions and help counter the gender and culture gap in the arts/cultural sector. Over the years she has released albums, a short doc, did research, created (music)-theatre productons and concepted/curated the exhibition Modest Fashion: An International phenomenon in Art & Fashion. While developing her interdisciplinary signature as an artist, she also was advisor for Cultuurnota Utrecht & the Council for Culture. She is also regularly invited to give keynotes and lectures about her creative process and practice. Currently she is scaling up Ellae Foundation and in 2021 she curated NITE hotel. In 2022 she continues to work with NITE/Club Guy & Roni as an artistic advisor.  In the last 2 years she has also been working at Caravane Earth, where she has been leading an international team. During Covid they managed to produce and present a 6 months exhibition at the 17th Architectural Biennale in Venice at the Abbazia of San Giorgio, which received raving reviews. Later this year the exhibition will open at its next destination; the Old Palace at the National Museum of Qatar.  El Mouhandiz is an Ariane de Rothschild Legacy Fellow and in the last 13 years in a row, she was listed in the arts and culture section of the annual list of the 500 most influential Muslims in the World. 

Paul Elie

Paul Elie (he/him) arrived in 2021-2022 as an apprentice in Tanzmainz. He was born in England and grew up in France. He started gymnastics at a very early age and then switched to urban dances such as voguing, waacking, house dance. He studied contemporary dance in high school, before studying for a year in Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. Since 2018 he has been studying at the Academy of Theater and Dance of Amsterdam in the Modern Theater Dance department. He will graduate in June 2022 before joining Tanzmainz as a full company member

Kerstin Evert

dramaturg, director
Dr. Kerstin Evert studied applied theater studies in Gießen. As part of the graduate program Körper-Inszenierungen (FU Berlin), she wrote her doctoral thesis on DanceLab - Zeitgenössischer Tanz und Neue Technologien (Tanzwissenschaftspreis NRW 2001). From 2002 to 2006 she was dramaturg at Kampnagel and in 2006 founded the choreographic center K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, which she has directed ever since.  She is a member of various advisory boards and has been on the board of the European Dancehouse Network since 2017.

Gustavo Fijalkow

dancer, producer, artistic project manager
Dr. Gustavo Fijalkow trained as a dancer in Argentina, Germany and the Netherlands. He has worked in many international performance and dance projects and companies. He has participated as a dancer and performer on stages as well as in site-specific productions, and has been a co-creating member in various ensembles and collectives. As Creative Producer, he has co-conceived and co-directed a variety of mixed-abled dance projects in European, African, American and Asian countries. 2004 - 2014 he was Creative Producer of the Cologne DIN A 13 tanzcompany. Furthermore, he has co-conceived and curated mixed-abled and interdisciplinary festivals such as Crossings Dance Festival (tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf) and KulturDifferenzTanz (Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne). As part of a British Council Fellowship at the Biennale di Architettura di Venezia, he created the documentary soundscape Suggeritori 2018. Fijalkow lectures worldwide on the topic of performing arts and globalization, among others. Since 2020, he has been the artistic project director of Forward Dance Company.

Stefanie Fischer

dance teacher, assistant, rehearsal director
Stefanie Fischer is a dance teacher, assistant and rehearsal director, and currently studying for her master degree at the ZHdK, University of Arts Zürich, in teaching and coaching professional dancers. She received her diploma in dance from Tanz Akademie Zürich in 2006. During her education she won three years successively the Migros Tanz Studien Preis. After her graduation she danced at Ballet Kiel in Germany, performed as a freelance dancer in various productions around Europe, and from 2015 to 2020 she was a solo dancer and training leader at Tanzkompanie Theater St.Gallen. As a guest she regularly teaches ballet and contemporary at Ballett Graz and is currently working as a rehearsal director for SNOW Productions in Basel. Fischer is the designated rehearsal and training director for Tanz Theater Münster beginning in Season 2022/23.

Dirk Förster

curator, creative director
Dirk Förster is curator of the theater festival Schwindelfrei in Mannheim and creative producer for the Sebastian Weber Dance Company, the guts company, go plastic company, Till & Lubich, Eva Borrmann / PLAN MEE, Marie Gourdain and Felix Baumann, among others.

Michael Freundt

director, dramaturg, theater producer, journalist
Michael Freundt studied theater, philosophy and dance at the Hans Otto Theater Academy and the University of Leipzig. He worked as a freelance journalist and critic for zitty, Wochenpost, Theater der Zeit and the Berliner Zeitung, among others. As a director, dramaturg and theater producer, Michael Freundt was part of the founding and management team of various independent theater projects in Leipzig, Münster and Berlin. From 1997 he worked as press officer and artistic assistant and from 2001 to 2002 as artistic director of euro-scene Leipzig. After freelancing in several independent productions in the fields of theater, dance and early music, Michael Freundt joined the management of the International Theater Institute (ITI) - Center Germany as Deputy Director in early 2003. Since 2004, Michael Freundt has been involved in the meetings of the Standing Conference on Dance, coordinated its formation into a registered association, and was appointed managing director of SK Tanz (now: Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) when it was founded in March 2006.

Jonas Frey

dancer, choreographer, dance mediator
Jonas Frey is a dancer, choreographer and dance facilitator. His work embodies ideas from hip hop culture and establishes urban dance in the context of contemporary choreography. He studied at ArtEZ School of Dance and completed a master's degree in choreography at Codarts University of the Arts and Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Together with Julie Pécard he directs the Junior Dance Company at EinTanzHaus, Mannheim.

Sylvia Fritzinger

Head of Press and Public Relations Staatstheater Mainz

Sylvia Fritzinger, geboren 1970, absolvierte ein Übersetzerstudium in Köln und Toulouse und studierte Komparatistik, Neuere Germanistik und Skandinavistik in Bonn und Hamburg, Magisterabschluss in Bonn. Während des Studiums war sie zunächst Assistentin im Betriebsbüro, von 2000 bis 2003 dann Pressedramaturgin an den Hamburger Kammerspielen bei Ulrich Waller und Ulrich Tukur. Danach arbeitete sie als freie Redakteurin und Dramaturgin.

2004 bis 2006 leitete sie die Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit am Thalia Theater Hamburg bei Ulrich Khuon. Von 2006 bis 2008 war sie als freie Autorin und Rezensentin tätig, bevor sie 2008 bis 2014 die Leitung der Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit am Oldenburgischen Staatstheater bei Markus Müller übernahm.

Zur Spielzeit 2014/15 wechselte sie an das Staatstheater Mainz, wo sie seitdem die Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit leitet. Seit der Spielzeit 2021/2022 ist Sylvia Fritzinger die Programmleiterin der Kakadu Bar.

Frieda Frost

dance artist, choreographer, dance scholar
Friederike "Frieda" Frost (*1984) is an urban dance artist, choreographer, dance scholar and project/event organizer. With her collective nutrospektif she is a Factory Artist at Tanzhaus nrw, with whom she works at the interface of contemporary/urban dance. The fusion of dance styles and dance cultures shapes her artistic work, always informed by her dance studies research on urban dance.

Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė


Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė (she/her) holds a master's degree in linguistics, theater studies, journalism, and communication studies from Freie Universität Berlin and works as a freelance dramaturg and curator. During the 2011-2021 season, she was project director at the Lithuanian Information Center for Dance (LT) and in this capacity co-curated, among others, the Berlin festival Litauen tanzt. From 2013-2018, she served as chair of the dance department at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. In the 2022/2023 season, Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė will take over the directorship of tanzhaus nrw.

Tim Gerhards

dancer, actor, dance teacher, choreographer
Tim Gerhards studied contemporary dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen from 2006 to 2010, where he received the NRW scholarship. From 2010 to 2012 he was engaged as a dancer with the Tanztheater Bremen. From 2012 he freelanced in numerous engagements as a dancer, actor and dance educator in various locations in Germany. As a choreographer and theater maker, he creates dance and theater performances that address socially relevant and political issues. His works are often site-specific and performed in various theaters and festivals in Germany and abroad. Since 2014 he has been working mainly in Bremen, where his projects are regularly funded by the Senator for Culture and various foundations, among others. In 2017 he co-founded the independent performer collective unperform.

Andrea Gern

cultural manager, publicist, lecturer
Andrea Gern has headed TanzSzene Baden-Württemberg since 2016. Previously, she was responsible for marketing at Kulturgemeinschaft Stuttgart, one of Germany's largest theater communities. From 2004 to 2010, she was press spokesperson for the Stuttgart Ballet. For TanzSzene Baden-Württemberg, she realized, among other things, the cultural education project Tanz in der Fläche. Her work as a cultural manager, publicist and lecturer focuses on creating access to art and culture for all people.

Michael Getman

Michael Getman is a Tel Aviv-based choreographer. The son of Dora and Zechariah, who immigrated to Israel from Soviet Leningrad after a failed-plane hijacking by young Jewish dissidents to escape the USSR in 1970 - ”Operation Wedding.” Since 2007 Getman has been developing his work and choreographic tools. He examines and is curious about the relationship between our bodily actions, cognitive responses, the particular and the abstract, and the ability to respond to the ongoing demands of experience with a range of physical arousal and emotions. He is commissioned to create and share artistic experiences utilizing various choreographic expressions. His works have been presented in various festivals and venues. He received prizes at the international contests for his choreography: No Ballet (Germany) and Cross Connection (Denmark). Getman teaches seminars and workshops for Bachelor's and Master's programs in leading institutions and dance centers in Israel and abroad. His dance education started in a small living room with his grandmother, followed by the ballet master Rose Kassel at the Bat Dor School of dance, directed by Jennette Ordman. He danced at the Batsheva company, Ballet Freiburg Pretty Ugly, and Saarland State Theatre. Currently, he is studying towards his M.A. at the University of Huddersfield, England.

Ilse Ghekiere

performing artist, art critic
Ilse Ghekiere is a performing artist and art critic. She studied Dance & Choreography at the Antwerp Conservatory and Art Sciences at the Free University of Brussels. In 2017, she received a scholarship from the Flemish Government to investigate sexism in the Belgian dance field. She is the founder of ENGAGEMENT ARTS, an artists' movement that tackles sexual harassment, sexism and abuse of power in the Belgian art world. Since then, Ghekiere writes, lectures and gives workshops on these topics. She has also worked as a consultant and researcher in the field of art and art education.

Monica Gillette

choreographer, dramaturg, facilitator
Monica Gillette is a choreographer, dramaturg and facilitator. After dancing professionally she now shapes innovative projects utilizing dance as a vehicle for transdisciplinary research and multigenerational cultural exchange. She is the project dramaturg for the EU funded projects Empowering Dance , Dancing Museums – The Democracy of Beings and Migrant Bodies – Moving Borders. Together with Gary Joplin she creates community engaged work at Theater Freiburg, most recently The 3rd Box, taking on gender binaries.

Elie Gregory

electroacoustic composer, sound artist
Elie Gregory (they/them) (*1985, UK) graduated in composition at Birmingham Conservatoire and went on do to an MMus in Electroakustische Musik at the Hanns Eisler HfM (2015-2017). From multichannel sound pieces for the Berliner Lautsprecher Orchester to electro/synthpop under the moniker Strip Down their work falls anywhere on the spectrum of electronic music and sound art. Their focus is now on collaborating with queer and feminist artists and collectives for theatre, film, and contemporary dance.

Katharina Greuel

International production

Katharina Greuel (she/her) studied theater in Mainz and Lisbon. As a student, she organized various festivals and large-scale cultural events. At the Staatstheater Wiesbaden she was involved in all editions of Neue Stücke aus Europa, most recently as artistic organizing director. In the same position, she directed the International Büchner Festival in Gießen in 2013. At the Institut français Mainz, she was responsible for the cultural department from 2015 before moving to the Staatstheater Mainz in 2021 for the Tanzkongress 2022.

Marina Grün

Marina Grün (she/her) is a contemporary dancer working in dance education. She studied contemporary dance at ABPU Linz and AHK Amsterdam and holds a master’s degree in contemporary dance education from HfMDK Frankfurt. Complementing her work with numerous ensembles at home and abroad, Marina has been conducting dance projects with children, young people, and the elderly since the age of 16. Since 2019, Marina has been responsible for dance education at the Staatstheater Mainz, leading educational projects in relation to dance productions for young audiences, as well as a wide variety of community projects in dance. Most recently, her production BODYBILDER was invited to the Tanztreffen der Jugend and the project SCORES to the Bundestreffen Jugendclubs an Theatern. At Tanzkongress 2022, she is part of the leadership team and curates the module Co-Creating with Communities.

Tatiana Gueria Nade

dancer, choreographer
Tatiana Gueria Nade is a graduate of the International School of Danceby Irène TASSEMBEDO (EDIT) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. In parallel with her studies at EDIT, she followed various training courses and courses in traditional and contemporary dance with renowned teachers from Burkina Faso, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire. In 2021 she began writing her first project, Sian, which premiered in October 2022 at L’Échangeur – CDCN Hauts-de-France, in France.

Jorge Guevara

choreographer, multimedia & interaction designer

Choreographer, Multimedia & Interaction Designer (they/he/she). Their work lies in the intersection of interface technologies and the politics of the body. Guevaras's work propose playgrounds where the body in time-space becomes a source of non-binary knowledge. They propose abstraction as a strategy to decolonize knowledge, a blurry gaze at the constant state of becoming. They create choreographies that linger at the threshold of exciting and forgetting where the body is a source of healing. His work has been presented world wide in Performing Arts and New Media Art festivals such as Impulstanz, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Ars Electronica, NODE Forum for Digital Arts

Nuri Gutés

scenic artist, choreographer, teacher
Nuri Gutés was born 1960 and is a scenic artist, choreographer, teacher. She currently works as an undergraduate academic for a Bachelor of Arts, Dance Mention and as coordinator of Educational Extension of the Dance Department, University of Chile, teaching courses and seminars on choreographic creation and grounded improvisation. From 1985 to date, she has directed more than 30 group and individual performances where the body in its gestural and expressive domain are the thematic axis of her work in contemporary dance.

Eleno Guzmán Gutiérrez


Eleno Guzmán Gutiérrez (he/him) is a producer, cultural manager and curator. Degree in Artistic Education by Escuela Superior de Artes of Yucatán with a thesis on Semiotics for Performing Arts. Director of Dance & Theatre of the Centro de las Artes de San Luis Potosí from 2008 to 2016. Executive director of the Contemporary Dance Production Center of INBAL from 2016 to 2020, producing projects like OMPHALOS by Damien Jalet. Member of the curatorial team at Festival de México en el Centro Histórico and at Cultura UDG Streaming of the University of Guadalajara. General and artistic director of MOVES México.


Nik Haffner

dancer, choreographer, artistic director
Nik Haffner is a dancer, choreographer and since 2012 the artistic director of HZT Berlin - Inter-University Centre for Dance. Many of his choreographic works were developed in collaboration with other artists (a.o. with Christina Ciupke and Mart Kangro). Haffner has been developing educational formats, a.o. as guest-teacher with P.A.R.T.S. Brussels, Trinity Laban London and Ohio State University. After studying dance Nik Haffner joined William Forsythe - Ballet Frankfurt from 1994 until 2000 as a dancer. He also co-developed the media-publication Improvisation Technologies at ZKM, Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe. With choreographer Jonathan Burrows und composer Matteo Fargion he collaborated on their 2013 online score Seven Duets as part of the web-publication series Nik Haffner is a member of the board of Tanzkongress Deutschland and has been a jury member for the German Dance Award since 2017.

Stefan Hahn

chreographer, dancer
Stefan Hahn studied choreography and directing at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin and completed various dance training and continuing education courses. He has been working as a choreographer and dancer since 1989. He is particularly interested in bringing dance to non-theatrical venues. In 2001 he founded the Perform[d]ance association in Stralsund and his own youth company, which he has headed as artistic and pedagogical director ever since.

Saar Harari

artistic director, choreographer
Saar Harari was born on a farm in Israel to an artistic family and danced until the age of 18. At that age, he joined the Israeli Army for 6 years. He left the army and started to dance again at the age of 24. In 1998 he created his first work as an independent choreographer. In 2001, Harari established LeeSaar The Company with Lee Sher, relocating to NYC in 2004. The company was commissioned to create full evening dance programs until 2016 and toured internationally. Harari has been the manager of Gaga in the USA since 2012 and was appointed artistic director of Gaga in 2018.

Madeline Harms

dancer, teacher
Born and raised in Australia, Madeline Harms moved to The Netherlands in 2010 to complete her professional studies at Codarts University for the Arts, Rotterdam. After graduating she danced with youth dance company, Dantzaz Konpainia in San Sebastian, Spain, before basing herself in The Netherlands as a freelancer and worked with numerous choreographers including Itzik Galili and David Middendorp. Since 2017 she has been a member of tanzmainz, Staatstheater Mainz, working with choreographers Sharon Eyal, Guy Weizmann and Roni Haver, Roy Assaf, and Rafäele Giovanola, among others. Alongside being a dancer of tanzmainz, she also a part of the tanzmainz Instagram and social media team and in August 2021 became a certified Countertechnique teacher, under the guidance of founder Anouk van Dijk.

Dieter Heitkamp

choreographer, professor
In 2001 Dieter Heitkamp was appointed professor of contemporary dance at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. He is director of the dance department, member of the Hessian Theater Academy and the International Theater Institute. From 2006 - 2015 was on the board of directors of Tanzlabor_21 / Tanzbasis Frankfurt_Rhein_Main and from 2007 - 2014 one of the speakers of the Education Conference Dance / AK|T and artistic director of the 3rd Biennale Dance Education 2012 Frankfurt am Main. From 1978–98 he worked at Tanzfabrik Berlin as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and organizer and until 1995 also one of the artistic directors. During this time created he 18 full-length pieces for the Tanzfabrik Berlin. His choreographies have been presented throughout Germany, in thirteen European countries, Canada, the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia, Latvia and Vietnam.

Mira Helenius Martinsson

CEO, Artistic Director, dancer, pedagogue, producer
Mira Helenius Martinsson is a CEO and Artistic Director with Skånes Dansteater in Malmö, Sweden. She has a background as dancer, pedagogue, producer and was the Artistic Director of Norrdans between 2007 - 2018. She is originally from Tampere in Finland. Mira is a board member of Kulturbryggan, Dansalliansen and Dansens Hus. She also has a degree in engineering from Tampere University of Technology.

Isabella Helmreich (Dr.)

licensed psychological psychotherapist, researcher, lecturer, consultant, author
Dr. Isabella Helmreich is a licensed psychological psychotherapist with many years of clinical experience. She is the scientific head of the department Resilience & Society at the Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research in Mainz, which also includes the resilience outpatient clinic. Her work as a researcher focuses on health prevention, in particular the development and evaluation of evidence-based interventions to promote resilience for various target groups (e. g. executives, health workers, oncological patients). She regularly works as a lecturer and consultant on the promotion of resilience in the field of behavioral and environmental prevention for public and charitable institutions as well as private companies. Dr. Helmreich is the co-author of the book Resilience - the art of resilience: What science says about it (2021).

Célestine Hennermann

After studying theater and directing in Frankfurt, Paris and Seattle, Célestine Hennermann worked as a dramaturg with William Forsythe (Ballett Frankfurt/Motion Bank). She realized dramaturgies for Helena Waldmann, Takao Baba, Kadir "Amigo" Memis, Jonas Frey, the guts company, Frikar Dance Company, among others. With her company Hennermanns Horde she choreographs for young audiences. She teaches at the HfMDK Frankfurt and other institutions.

Angela Herenda

Angela Herenda (she/her) started her dance training at Blagoje Bersa Music School, Zadar, Croatia. After a brief involvement with Zadar Dance Ensemble, she continued her education at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Codarts. She continued working as a freelance dancer with the likes of Andreas Denk, Jens van Daele and Kitt Johnson and performing with Staatstheater Oldenburg (whose dance company later moved to become tanzmainz) and GöteborgsoperansDansKompani. In 2014 Angela joined Club Guy & Roni (NITE) where, in addition to her work as a performer, she regularly teaches technical and improvisational classes for the internship group Poetic Disasters Club, and directs works with long standing art partner Mart van Berckel.

Bruno Heynderickx

director, choreographer
Graduating from the Stedelijk Instituut voor Ballet, Antwerp in 1986, Bruno Heynderickx began an international career. He danced for Scapino Ballet, Ballet du Nord, Euroballet, Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève and others. He also created his own works alongside Amanda Miller, Nils Christe, Ed Wubbe and Thierry Malandin. In 1998 Heynderickx met the Portuguese dance maker Rui Horta and danced many of his productions, becoming his artistic assistant. At the same time, he worked as a guest teacher for many European companies. In 2000, he assisted Rui Horta in the creation of the multi-disciplinary art and residency center O Espaço do Tempo as public relations officer and tour manager. Under the direction of Rui Horta, Heynderickx was coordinator of ECL COLINA, the major European interdisciplinary research project in collaboration with Dance City Newcastle, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Kanuti Gildi Saal Tallinn, GRAN teater for Dans Aarhus, O Espaço do Tempo and Théâtre les Bernardines Marseille. In 2005, Heynderickx founded CAMPAI vzw, an international production agency for contemporary dance and theater based in Belgium. From 2008 to 2014, Heynderickx was Artistic Director of the Norwegian contemporary dance company Carte Blanche, after which he became Curator of the Hessian State Ballet and has been Ballet Director since the 2020/2021 season.

Elena Hoof

choreographer, theater pedagogue, singer
Elena Hoof grew up in the cultural tension between the big city of Berlin and her father's home village on Crete. After completing her dance training, she studied Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice, with a focus on theater and music, at the University of Hildesheim. Parallel to her master's degree in the production of arts and media, Elena Hoof works as a choreographer, theater pedagogue and assistant director at city and state theaters and in the independent scene. She also teaches at the Institute for Media, Theater and Popular Culture at the University of Hildesheim, works in Berlin as a lecturer for theater, dance and music pedagogy and is the singer of the band acoustic threesome. Her current work is concerned with the staging of female* visual curiosity and moving body images on stage.

Marijke Hoogenboom

director, professor
Marijke Hoogenboom is the director of the Department of Performing Arts and Film at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and the head of the Dossier Research at ZHdK. Until 2019 she was a professor at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, as well as co-founder of DasArts and the chair of DAS Graduate School. Hoogenboom has co-initiated Het Transitiebureau, the Cultuurparlement van de Lage Landen and De Agenda, three critical platforms in the Netherlands with and for a diverse group of professionals from the field.

Sara Houston

Deputy Dean
Dr. Sara Houston is Deputy Dean, School of Arts, University of Roehampton, UK. Her pioneering research in Dance and Parkinson’s won the BUPA Foundation Prize 2011. She was Finalist of the National Public Engagement Awards 2014. Her publications include Dancing with Parkinson’s (Intellect Books, 2019). Sara leads professional development for dance artists internationally and speaks globally about her work.

Judith Hummel

performance and dance artist, choreographer, teacher
Judith Hummel is a performance and dance artist and a teacher. After her studies in theater science at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (2008) and an intensive course at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam (2005), she established herself as a performer, dancer and choreographer in the local freelance scene of Munich. In her artistic work she created durational live-installations, referred to her heritage and wrote a publication on British choreographer Rosemary Butcher. Since April 2021 she is attending the MA CoDE program at HfMDK, Frankfurt.

Nina Hümpel

curator, dance manager, editor
Nina Hümpel has been the editor of, the Internet portal for artistic stage dance in the German-speaking world, since 1996. She has been the artistic director of DANCE, the International Festival for Contemporary Dance of the state capital Munich, since 2012. Nina Hümpel was a jury member of the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance, the Dance Jury of the City of Munich and the Jury for the Cultural Honorary Award of the City of Munich, as well as a jury member of the Fund for Performing Arts in Berlin, for the program Kreativtransfer and for the German Dance Award of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. She is a founding and board member of Tanz.Media and has been on the board of Dachverband Tanz Deutschland since 2021.

Julie Iarisoa

choreographer, dancer
Julie Iarisoa is a Malagasy choreographer and dancer who lives and works in Madagascar. She’s the artistic director of Anjorombala dance company since 2004 and Maray dance studio since 2015, initiator and artistic director of Danse pour tous program since 2015 and the international dance workshop Arts for dancers from 2011 to 2014, creator of Maray dance (a dance inspired by popular and traditional cultures) since 2008.

Nacor Ibanez

Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness facilitator
Nacor Ibanez is a certified Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness facilitator for both adults and teenagers bringing his experience as a former professional tennis player. He thrives by helping participants become aware of their emotional world; to notice & witness it, to learn from it and to communicate it to others. Nacor is trained in the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute methodology that combines mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. He's also a certified Life Coach by the University of Cambridge and an emotional and mental tennis coach to two top 200 professional players nowadays.

Theo Ilichenko

multidisciplinary artist, dancer, performer
Theo Ilichenko (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist, dancer and performer. Influenced by the local AIDS crisis in their native Russia, their hybrid dance, performance, video and writing practice explores film and photo portraiture, polyphonic storytelling and the erotic moving body as affective mediums of care, appreciation, delegated mourning, engaged witnessing and cultural memory from a position of being a lover, caregiver and survivor. They hold a degree in Art in Context at the Berlin University of the Arts and have background in social work with migrants, refugees and violence survivors. They exhibited and performed across Europe and are involved self-organised community work.

Jason Jacobs

educator, choreographer, project manager
Jason Jacobs is a Frankfurt-based educator, choreographer and project manager. He develops innovative formats to deliver the value of movement to diverse target groups including kindergarten children, office workers, non-professional, and professional dance students. He danced for Hofesh Shechter, Johannes Wieland, Complexions Contemporary Ballet and North Carolina Dance Theater and was rehearsal director for tanzmainz. In 2014, he completed a Master in Contemporary Dance Education at the HfMDK Frankfurt and received an Executive MBA at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in 2022.

Ariadne Jakoby

dance teacher, dance pedagogue
Growing up in Munich and surroundings, Ariadne Jakoby has been dancing from the age of 7. To develop her passion and make dancing her career, she joined the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich. Following her graduation as a Certified Dance Pedagogue in 2015, Jakoby has been teaching the various forms of contemporary dance to all ages, from young children to senior citizens. Her lessons are characterised by enthusiasm and humour. Jakoby’s grandmother came to Munich from the greek island of Crete. As a result of this family background, and, not at last thanks to her name, she has always been interested in questioning identity, origins, external image and stereotypes and how they are approached within German society. Studying Empirical Cultural Studies and European Social and Cultural Anthropology made these questions even more accessible to her. In February 2020, she graduated from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich with a Bachelor of Arts.

Jouni Jarvenpää

choreographer, dancer
Jouni Järvenpää (*1977 in Oulu, Finland) graduated at 2002 as a Dance Maker from SNDO / Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Ever since, he’s been working as a choreographer and dancer, creating more than 40 dance choreographies. He has worked mostly as a full-time freelance artist, in Finland and Europe. Since 2020 Järvenpää’s been working full-time as the artistic director and choreographer of Routa Company, in Kajaani, Finland. Järvenpää has based his work in Routa supporting and making better the working conditions of dance artists. Artistically, his interests in dance and choreography currently move on themes such as diagonal constructs, thinking by dancing, performing as a life-choice, and yielding one’s decision-making to one’s imagination.

Gemma Jelier

general director
Gemma Jelier is the general director of Korzo in Den Haag (The Netherlands). Korzo is a leading venue and a creative producer. They work with creatives and partners whose activities intersect dance and movement; they push the boundaries and look beyond. They find a place in and around their programming, which reflects the current leading talent in the fields of dance, music, physical theatre, and circus. She is the chair of The Hague Dance Meeting. Before that she was the chair of different committees of the National Council of Culture (Raad voor Cultuur) and of the National Dance Jury (VSCD dancejury) that hands out de Zwanen for most impressive dance performer and production.

Camille Jemelen

multidimensional performance artist
Camille Jemelen (he/they) is a Berlin based multidimensional performance artist. He holds an MA in Media Studies (Montreal, Canada) and a BA in Dance, Context, Choreography from HZT Berlin. As a performer they have noteworthily participated in Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens' Ecosex Walking Tour at documenta14, Tchivett aka Antoine Carle’s Hollow Matters presented as part of the Berlin Tanztage Festival, as well as Ashley Fure and Lilleth Glimcher’s Hive Rise at CTM Festival. Their most recent work in process it's all love, blue spectres is a meditation on ancestral kinship and the soul’s journey through the practice of intuitive voice-movement channeling.

Eisa Jocson

choreographer, dancer
Eisa Jocson (she/her) is a contemporary choreographer and dancer from the Philippines, trained as a visual artist, with a background in ballet. She exposes body politics in the service and entertainment industry as seen through the unique socioeconomic lens of the Philippines. She studies how the body moves and what conditions make it move – be it social mobility or movement out of the Philippines through migrant work. In all her creations – from pole to macho dancing to princess and to zoo animals – capital is the driving force of movement pushing the indentured body into spatial geographies. She has been commissioned by and toured extensively in major contemporary festivals. Macho Dancer (2013) won the Zurcher Kantonalbank Acknowledgement Prize at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel in 2013. Princess has been selected as one of the outstanding contemporary productions for the 2018 edition of Tanzplattform. Manila Zoo, a work developed within the pandemic, is selected for the Impulse Theatre Festival 2022. She is a recipient of the 2018 Cultural Centre of the Philippines 13 Artists Award, the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award 2019 winner and recently received the SeMa-HANA Award at the Seoul MediaCity Biennale 2020 for the work TFSB2020: Empire of Care.

Amy Josh

dancer, social media manager, movement coach
Amy Josh (she/her) currently works as a freelance professional dancer based in Germany. In addition, she also engages in freelance work as a social media manager, a movement coach for actors, and fulfils numerous arts management/arts production roles. She is also a founder of Berlin based MURA Kollektiv. Amy was born in England and grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Her professional dance training began at the Arts Umbrella Dance School in Vancouver, graduating in 2011. She then moved to the Netherlands to work with Noord Nederlands Dans and Club Guy and Roni. In 2014 she joined tanzmainz company under the direction of Honne Dohrmann, where she worked with choreographers such as Sharon Eyal, Guy Weizman & Roni Haver, Rui Horta, Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero, Guy Nader & Maria Campos, Eleonore Valère-Lachky, Garry Stewart, Jose Navas, Jo Stromgren and Guiseppe Spota. Since 2018 she has been working as a freelance artist with choreographers Alba Castillo and Bryan Arias (Snorkel Rabbit, CH), Alexandra Waierstall (NRW), Dunja Jocic (Bird Productions, Korzo), Edan Gorlicki (Inter-Actions Heidelberg), Jill Crovisier (JC Movement Productions, Luxembourg), and John Wannehag (Sweden).

kabinet k

Kabinet k is the universe of choreographers Joke Laureyns (*1972) and Kwint Manshoven (*1971). Besides studies in different backgrounds – philosophy for Joke and product design for Kwint – their bios read identical. Based in Ghent, Belgium, they have been creating and touring dance-performances since 1995. The work of kabinet k is best described in dualities: it incorporates child and adult dancers, it is both physically intense and introspective, it confronts horror with beauty, its quest for simplicity is complex, it is playful and dark, its gravity light as a feather. It resolutely navigates the world, through myriad frames and networks. In kabinet k’s productions young children tread the boards with grown-up dancers and musicians. The presence of various generations on stage, combined with live and/or custom-written music and the influence of the visual arts form the common thread through their oeuvre. Kabinet k approaches dance organically, whereby inventive movement takes precedence over virtuoso performance. What starts off as contemplative, minimalist, expressive, veers towards raw, brutal, exuberant energy. Each performance revolves around one central theme: ‘resilience’ in raw, ‘blind faith’ in horses, the urge to play in as long as we are playing, recklesness in promise me. The themes express social commitment and reflect on universal keynote concepts. Without striking an explicitly political tone, their shows radiate idealism and a critical approach. They demonstrate how, through strength and vulnerability, humans relate to each other and the world – a world that goes beyond Western-European reality. Kabinet k’s landscapes are filled with subtle references to the social environment of all children. The company views its productions as an alternative, a utopia, a way of retreating into silence in a world of adopted positions. They aim to reach as wide as possible an audience. The fact that there are children on stage almost automatically draws in young people. Yet the oeuvre’s poetic force, its many layers as well as its tenderness and humanity are universal. Casts are picked in a conscious effort to break with stereotypes as to gender, age, origin or social patterns. The work idiosyncratically tackles issues such as corporality, dance, human relationships.

Denislav Kanev

dancer, photographer, producer
Denislav Kanev was born in 1988 in Silistra, Bulgaria. He began his ballet training in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria and continued it the same year in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2003 he moved to the State Ballet School in Berlin. From 2006 he was a student of stage dance at the Hochschule Ernst Busch in Berlin. He started his dancing career in 2009 in the ballet company of Theater Chemnitz under the direction of Lode Devos. In 2011, he joined the company of Staatstheater Mainz under the direction of Pascal Touzeau. Since 2014 he has been a dancer at the Hessian State Ballet in Wiesbaden. Besides dancing, his second great passion is photography and filming. He showed his first photo exhibitions in 2012 at the Staatstheater Mainz as well as at the Institute Français Mainz. Kanev was director and producer of the dance film KIRCHNER, funded by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation and Ferdinand Möller Foundation.

Martina Kessel

project director
Martina Kessel studied dance and dance education at the academies in Rotterdam and Essen and subsequently completed studies in ethnology, Islamic studies and education at the University of Cologne. From 2003 to 2013 she worked at the tanzhaus nrw, where she directed, among other things, the project Take-off: Junger Tanz within the framework of Tanzplan Deutschland. Since 2013, she has been working in Berlin as project director of ChanceTanz and is a board member of Aktion Tanz - Bundesverband Tanz in Bildung und Gesellschaft.

Anton Koch

Anton Koch (he/him) is a technology strategist and lead developer at Motion Bank. He's tasked with evaluating digital technologies for use in research and education within the field of dance. He prefers low-tech to high-tech and wishes we had a more substantial public infrastructure to build hyperlocal grassroots databases. At the Tanzkongress, he sets up the Motion Capture Box and a datasource for the CongressAvatars.

Ioulia Kokkokiou

performer, dance mediator
Ioulia Kokkokiou is a performer and dance facilitator. She holds a master's degree in contemporary dance education (MA CoDE, HfMDK). She regularly offers dance classes in dance and social institutions as well as theaters, aimed at amateurs and professional dancers. Since 2021, Kokkokiou is also part of the Moove On and Basketball & Dance projects. Her latest movement research, founded by DIS-TANZ SOLO, explores how contemporary dance can be mediated through games. Since 2019, she has collaborated as a performer in projects choreographed by Matthew Tusa.

Pia Krämer


Pia Krämer (she/her) worked as artistic director, programme director, programme team member, curator and lecturer in Germany, Portugal and Finland. From 2017-2019 she was president of the European Dancehouse Network.
Recently she started to curate documentary films about Contemporary Dance with Accentus Music for ARTE TV and is developing a transition training programme for performing artists as a pilot project in Portugal.

Jutta Krauß

dance scholar
Jutta Krauß (Dr. phil.) is a dance scholar whose work and research focuses on body and costume, gender performances, and cultural translations in contemporary dance. She teaches at Goethe University Frankfurt, Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg and Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen & Urbanen Bühnentanz Zürich. Since 2019 she is on the board of the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (gtf).

Rachel Krische

dance artist, scholar, senior lecturer

With a career spanning 30 years Dr. Rachel Krische has collaborated and performed internationally with over 30 different artists/companies such as: La Ribot, Akram Khan, Deborah Hay and Siobhan Davies to name a few. She has also made work and taught extensively in diverse contexts. She wrote and launched the Dance programme at Leeds Beckett University in 2010, where she primarily works, and was awarded a PhD in 2018. Her research interests include embodied cognition and social class in relation to movement and embodiment. She mentors artists and is a member of artistic and educational advisory panels within the professional sector. Occasionally she still busts a few moves … in front of an audience.

Andreas Kubitzki

Andreas Kubitzki began taking percussion lessons at the age of 7. From 2001, as a junior student, he attended Jürgen Nießner's class at the Peter Cornelius Conservatory of the City of Mainz, where he passed his final artistic examination in 2008. He gave several solo performances in Germany and abroad and played, among others, a percussion concerto with the Philharmonic State Orchestra Mainz, in which he also plays regularly as a guest. In 2005 he won the percussion competition of the PCK and in 2007 he received a one-year scholarship from the Zukunftsinitiative Rheinland-Pfalz.

Nadege Kubwayo

Nadege Kubwayo is a 25 year old dancer from Burundi. She moved to Norway at the age of six and first began dancing in High School. She graduated with a Bachelor in Jazz Dance at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2019). During her education, she worked with choreographers including Ludvig Daae, Masja Abrahamsen, Erica Sobol and Christopher Arouni. Kubwayo was part of Nagelhus Schia Productions’ AMP – Aspirant Mentor Program (2019-2020) where she worked with choreographers such as Damien Jalet, Hege Haagenrud, Daniel Proietto, Guro Nagelhus Schia &Vebjørn Sundby and Melanie Lane. She is currently a dancer in Carte Blanche, The Norwegian National Company for Contemporary dance.

Heike Kuhlmann

dancer, choreographer, dance educator

Heike Kuhlmann (she/her) Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Educator, Body-Mind Centering®-Somatic Movement Educator, ISMETA registered Somatic Dance Movement Educator (RSDME/RSME), Authentic Movement, Mother (2008), part of Global Water Dances Performance Collective 2010-202 1, currently: Research grant on menstruation funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste, Lecturer Somatic Academy: EMERGE-Somatics in Dance, CARE- somatic childhood education, part of AG Tanz und Elternschaft (ZTB e. V.) in Berlin.

Micaela Kühn Jara

Tanzvermittlerin, Produzentin, Dozentin

Micaela Kühn Jara works in the field of dance mediation with an expanded understanding of the term mediation. She has completed a Master in Dance & Participation at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (DDSKS). With a dance background, her practice includes participation, pedagogy, production and research. Since 2014 she is producer of Alfredo Zinola Productions and currently Kühn Jara is a lecturer at the Dance & Choreography Department in DDSKS, Denmark.

Konrad Kurowski

dance producer, manager, dramaturge, audience development specialist

Konrad Kurowski is a member of Lublin Dance Theatre and Centre for Culture in Lublin since 2014. As part of that collective he switches between different modes of working within the dance community, amongst roles he occupies can be listed: dance producer, manager, dramaturge, audience development specialist, as well as co-curator of the International Dance Theatre Festival in Lublin, which is one the biggest and longest running dance festivals in Poland. A member and organizer of several dance initiatives including: Polish Dance Network and Aerowaves. Graduate of culture studies at Marie Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin, currently a student of post-graduate studies in theory of dance at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.


Jennifer Lacey

dance artist
Jennifer Lacey is an American dance artist based in Paris and Stockholm. Her constant project is a renegotiation of production methods, generating pieces that are always based in dancing but don’t always look like dance. She creates works that propose an inventive and playful hermeneutics of bodies and their environments. Often co-signing and collaborating, the products of her activity unbind dance from the spectacular whilst still investing in the multiple ways that the performative can manifest, effect and communicate. Her works have been produced and staged internationally in theatres, museums, galleries, workshops and publications. She is the recipient of a Doris Duke Impact fellowship, a Foundation for the Performing Arts Award and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. She is currently a member of the second cohort of DAS graduate school’s THIRD program and directs the Masters in Choreography at the Stockholm University of the Arts.

Finn Lakeberg

Curator, dancer

From 2012 to 2014, Finn Lakeberg (he/him) studied contemporary and classical dance at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. In the 2015/16 season, Finn was engaged as an apprentice dancer with tanzmainz at the Staatstheater Mainz and has been a permanent ensemble member since the 2016/17 season. He has worked with Guy Weizman and Roni Haver, Guy Nader and Maria Campos, and Sharon Eyal, among others. At Tanzkongress 2022, he is a member of the management team and curates the module Dancers as Experts together with Amber Pansters.

Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam


Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam received a diploma in Drama and Contemporary Dance from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Choreography from Codarts Rotterdam. His work spans stage directing, choreography and movement design. His recent own creations include Report ii-the illegal i, Living up to HER, Report i-Which i am I, Pretext Quartet and ODDs etc. In 2015, he took part in a three-month residency at the Zurich University of the Arts, where he collaborated with ten Swiss artists to curate and create the multidisciplinary performance Odd Couplings. His other collaborations include St. John Passion (SingFest HK & Lautten Compagney Berlin); The Originals - HK Musicals in Concert (Curated by Leon Ko); Love, Death and Everything in Between (Yat Po Singers HK); Why We Chat and Finding Loveless Land (Edward Lam Dance Theatre) etc. His works have toured to Berlin, Erfurt, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dusseldorf.

Friederike Lampert


Friederike Lampert (Prof. Dr. phil.), is professor for choreography at ZHdK - Züricher Hochschule der Künste, Switzerland. She studied Ballet at HfMDK in Frankfurt/Main and Applied Theatre Studies at Justus-Liebig-Universität in Gießen. Since 1988 she worked as a dancer and choreographer at several dance companies in Germany. In 2007 she received her PhD on the topic of Dance Improvisation at Freie Universität Berlin. She worked as a dance researcher at the University of Hamburg, Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden and Codarts - University of the Arts, Rotterdam. Her focus in teaching and research lies on dance composition, improvisation and applied dance history.

Cordelia Lange

dancer, fashion designer
After graduating from Codarts in Rotterdam, Cordelia Lange worked as a freelancer in Germany and the Netherlands. She then joined Stadttheater Bielefeld, Staatstheater Oldenburg and danced for four years with the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company in Tel Aviv. In addition, she studied fashion design at Shenkar College in Israel for two years and is now back in Europe working again as a freelancer.

Yin-ying Lee

Lee Yin-ying is the co-founder of Shimmering Production. After graduating from National Taiwan University of Arts, Yin-ying worked with several professional dance companies in Taiwan, and received a scholarship to the American Dance Festival in 2007. Yin-ying then joined Cloud Gate 2 from 2009 to 2019, during that period, she had cooperated with world renowned Taiwanese choreographers such as Cheng Tsung-lung, Wu Kuo-Chu, Bulareyaung Pagarlava, Sun Shang-Chi, and Huang Yi. She also toured with the company to participate in dance festivals and performances at the Joyce Theater, New York City Center, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, International Tanzmesse NRW Düsseldorf and China Shanghai International Arts Festival. As a senior dancer, in addition to continuing to explore the various possibilities of performances, Yin-ying has participated in cross-border video shooting, dramatic body action design, and sharing of physical skills with professional dancers and non-professionals. It is her hope that through the sorting and inheritance of physical experience, she can help to guide more people to know themselves better through dance.

Anna Leon

dance historian, theorist, dramaturg
Anna Leon is a dance historian and theorist. She is theory curator at Tanzquartier Wien and postdoctoral research fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. After a PhD on expanded choreography (Expanded choreographies - Choreographic histories, forthcoming by transcript), she is currently working on 'peripheral' dance modernities through a focus on ballet in early 20th century Greece. She has taught at the Universities of Vienna, Salzburg and Bern as well as SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) and the Institut Français. She occasionally collaborates, as a dramaturg or historiographic adviser, with choreographers including Julia Schwarzbach, Florentina Holzinger and Netta Weiser.

Hubert Lepka

choreographer, director
Hubert Lepka, choreographer and director of the artist network Lawine Torrèn, born in 1958, studied singing and contemporary dance at the Mozarteum Salzburg and earned a doctorate in law at the University of Salzburg. Lawine Torrèn is a network of dancers, actors, technicians, writers, media artists, photographers and musicians who transform existing venues into stages for unpredictable performances. Lepka lives and works with his family at Passauergut in Moosdorf in the southern Innviertel, near Salzburg.

Ori Lichtik

musician, DJ

Musician, member of the artistic crew of L-E-V Dance Company of Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar, DJ and drummer.
Lichtik is one of the founders of the Tel-Aviv techno scene in the 1990s where he started his career as a DJ and producer of techno parties and raves. Since 2006, Ori has been collaborating with Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar as a musician in the artistic team.

Efva Lilja

artist, choreographer
Efva Lilja is a Swedish artist and choreographer with a global reach. Her works include performances, visual art, film and writing, often described as innovative and controversial. Her choreographic sequences represent imagery meant to challenge our perception of reality. Some of her most celebrated works were produced for art institutions such as Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, The Stockholm Museum of Modern Art and The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, but she is also highly recognized for experimental site specifics and research-based works in galleries and at alternative venues. In the last few years, her focus is mainly on painting and writing choreography.

How Ngean Lim


Malaysian-born How Ngean(he/him) is a dance dramaturg, curator and producer. He has dramaturged contemporary dances in Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. In 2016, he founded Asian Dramaturgs’ Network (ADN,, an exchange platform on dramaturgy for performaning arts in Asia, with symposiums and laboratories in Singapore, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. In 2016-2018, he worked on a transnational curatorial project, named Jejak-Tabi, that presented Asian contemporary performers in Asian cities.

Federico Longo


Federico Longo was born in 1994 in Rome, Italy. He studied at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, and later on graduated at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden. From 2016 he danced at Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken, Germany, under the direction of Stijn Celis. After, he joined Batsheva - The Young Ensemble from 2018 to 2021. Currently, he is dancing for TanzMainz in Germany.

Jaume Luque Parellada

Jaume Luque Parellada was born in Barcelona in 1996. He became passionate about urban dance styles at an early age and, after studying dance, graduated from the Conservatory of Contemporary Dance at the Instituto de Teatro de Barcelona. He then joined the company IT Dansa, where he had the opportunity to dance in works by choreographers such as Akram Khan, Alexander Ekman and Lorena Nogal. From 2020, Luque Parellada was a member of the Holstebro Dance Company in Denmark. Since the season 2021/2022 Jaume Luque Parellada is a permanent ensemble member of tanzmainz. He can currently be seen in productions for young audiences kreuz&quer and Ikarus by Felix Berner.

Hannah Ma


Hannah (she/her) is a German/Chinese choreographer. She was born in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria in Germany. Her focus is on contemporary rituals and the translation of archaic roots within our society. Her works are divided in two choreographic directions: “Taming Monsters” and “Transformances”.

Hannah reflects on eurocentrism, (post-)colonialism, racism, sexism and focuses on diversity mainstreaming, empowerment of feminist actions and gender fluidity. Her choreographic language is creatively mixing elements of dance and theatre, of ballet, dance theatre and performance.

Hannah is and has been working with and been supported by:

Théâtre National Luxemburg; Trois C-L | Choreographic Center Luxemburg; Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen; the German Unesco Commission; Festival Passages Metz; German Consulate General New York; Dachverband Tanz Deutschland; Fonds Darstellende Künste; Arp Museum am Rolandseck; UJ Arts & Culture Johannesburg; National Arts Festival South Africa; MAC Creteil Paris; and others.

In addition to her work as an artist, producer and curator, Hannah has also worked as a hospice helper since 2021.

Lauren Mae Mace

dance and performance artist, dramaturg
Lauren Rae Mace is a dance and performance artist as well as a dramaturg for dance (theater). From 2013 to 2021 she was engaged at the Staatstheater Kassel and was a dancer, rehearsal and training director and finally dance theater dramaturg and manager for the dance theater under Johannes Wieland. She has also worked with guest choreographers including Helder Seabra, Tom Weinberger, Maxine Doyle and Chris Haring. In the 2021/2022 season she will be guest dramaturg for TANZ LINZ at the Landestheater Linz.

Nikita Maheshwary

performance practitioner
Originally from New Delhi, Nikita Maheshwary is a performance practitioner based in The Netherlands with over a decade of experience in choreography, curation, art education and research. Her art inquiries lie at the nexus of gender, culture, and identity. Through her work, she is deeply invested in telling stories of plurality, female agency, forms of marginalisation and class divide. Since 2019, as a research fellow at the DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam, Nikita is focused on her long term artistic research project Naachne-wali: The Dancing Girl. Currently, she teaches at the Fontys University of the Arts, Tilburg and Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam and works as a choreographer with Stitching DansBrabant on two Creative Europe projects: Performing Gender and Micro-Macro Dance Dramaturgies.

Jenny Mahla

dance dramaturg
Jenny Mahla (they/she) lives as a freelance dance dramaturg in Berlin and is currently pursuing a master's degree in dance studies at the FU Berlin. From 2018 to 2021 they worked as a dramaturg for Dance Theatre Heidelberg with choreographer Iván Pérez. In 2021 they co-founded the collective tanz&tanz in Berlin with other dance professionals and wrote reviews on Berlin dance events for the Tanzschreiber portal.

Patricia Carolin Mai

dancer, choreographer
Patricia Carolin Mai produces stage pieces as a dancer and choreographer with production locations at Kampnagel Hamburg, K3 - Tanzplan Hamburg, LOFFT - DAS THEATER Leipzig and Ringlokschuppen Ruhr. The focus of her choreographic work is the investigation of the body as a central repository of memories. In her current trilogy, she researches practices of community together with dance enthusiasts of all ages.

Max Makowski

Max Makowski (he/him) is a German/Polish dancer from Berlin who joined Carte Blanche in Bergen, Norway in August 2020. He discovered contemporary dance only at age 20 and started his dance studies immediately after in Frankfurt am Main. In 2015 began his career with Hofesh Shechter’s first youth company. Since 2016 until moving to Norway he mostly toured with Marco da Silva Ferreira from Portugal throughout Europe as well as joining Hofesh Shechter’s Opera for the Teatro Alla Scala in Milano in 2018. He has also worked with Joshua Monten in Switzerland and was part of Iván Pérez’ project for the Song of the Goat Theater in Wrocław, Poland. Max has a passion for languages, Argentine Tango and Flamenco and since he has some experience in theater, acting and music he enjoys the combination of different art forms within contemporary dance and performance.

Àngels Margarit Viñals

dancer, choreographer, pedagogue, director
Àngels Margarit is a dancer, choreographer, pedagogue and director of Mercat de les Flors | Casa de la danza. After working for five years with Heura, one of Spain’s pioneering dance groups, Àngels Margarit created Mudances (1985), a piece that would provide the name for her own company. With a career spanning more than 30 years and multiple prestigious awards, her creations and projects have encompassed a variety of fields and formats: stage performances, sites, video dance, installations, research into new media, improvisations and collaborations with other artists. She has been director of Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona since 2017, taking a temporary break from her creative projects.

Daniel Mariblanca

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Daniel Mariblanca currently lives in Bergen, Norway. In 2016 he began as a dancer with the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance/ Carte Blanche. In the same year Daniel created his own company 71BODIES; a transgender inclusive dance and performance company based in Bergen. Daniel graduated from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and has been dancing professionally for over 15 years.

Luísa Marinho Saraiva

choreographer, performer, curator

Luísa Marinho Saraiva (she/her) is a choreographer and performer born in Porto, Portugal, with a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Porto and a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from the Folkwang Arts University in Essen. Her artistic practice is centered around the exploration of the body as a sounding, resonant instrument. In 2019/2020 she was one of the resident choreographers at K3|Tanzplan Hamburg. As a curator she worked together with Folkwang Museum in Essen and Galeria Municipal do Porto on interdisciplinary formats.

Elna Matamoros

ballet mistress, dance researcher
Elna Matamoros has an extensive career as a Ballet Mistress and Dance Researcher. A frequent lecturer and regular contributor to theatre, design and dance magazines, she has also been a member of Ballet Nacional de España and Compañía Nacional de Danza since 2002. Besides her exhaustive training as a dancer, Matamoros holds an MA in Dance Education from New York University as a Fulbright Scholar and a PhD in Aesthetics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She has been teaching regularly at ZHdK since 2016.

Fabrice Mazliah

choreographer, performer
Fabrice Mazliah is a choreographer and performer based in Frankfurt. He has initiated a long-term research into the embodied knowledge and heritage inscribed into practitioners in the field. He is interested in renegotiating the relationship between our environments, its objects, and our bodies. In his work he often combines movement with language to develop new forms of narrations and poetry. Born in Geneva and based in Frankfurt, Mazliah studied dance in his hometown, at the National Dance School in Athens and then at the Atelier Rudra Béjart in Lausanne. After having been an Interpreter for the Nederlands Dans Theater, among other companies, he joined in 1997 the Frankfurt Ballet and then the Forsythe Company, both directed by William Forsythe, until 2015. He developed over the years a large body of works created alone and/or in collaboration with other artists, pieces such as Remote versions (2003) with the chekroun / mazliah / san martin collective, ZERO (2010) and Cover Up (2011) with the collective MAMAZA, PAD (2007) and Eifo Efi (2013) with Ioannis Mandafounis, In Act and Thought (2015) for the closing of the Forsythe Company, Telling Stories a version for three (2021) Sheela na Gig (2021) for the Lyon Opera Ballet. In 2018 he begins The Manufactured Series, composed of 6 Duets, each between a human body and a non-human body. Fabrice was artist associate to DeSingel in Antwerp, he was part of the HOOD collective with which he received a fellowship for two years at Pact Zollverein in Essen, he is a resident artist at the Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt with his company Work of Act and develops internationally numerous work module, Ateliers and artist gatherings.

Orla McCarthy

Orla Mc Carthy (she/her) was born and raised in Co. Longford in Ireland and began her dance training there in the Shawbrook School of Dance at an early age. She pursued a Bachelor in contemporary dance in Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. In 2015, Orla began working as a freelance dance artist based between Germany and the Netherlands. During this time she worked with choreographers including: Iván Pérez, Jianhui Wang, Mor Shani, Connor Schumacher, Gal Fefferman, Adam Weinert and Luke Murphy. She also performed in interdisciplinary works by theatre directors Michiel de Regt, Grzegorz Bral (Song of the Goat Theatre) and Liliane Brakema. In 2018 Orla co-created the multidisciplinary dance project PERSON A, with Max Makowski. They presented their work in Dock11, Berlin and VonHotz SommerBox, Luzern. Since September of 2018, Orla has been working with Dance Theatre Heidelberg in Germany under the direction of Iván Pérez. Along with performing in the ensemble, she continues to create and present her own work.

Nadine Mckenzie

dancer, choreographer, dance teacher
Nadine Mckenzi is a qualified integrated dance teacher, co-founder of the Unmute Dance and a freelance performer. Besides that she is also the co-curator of Unmutes annual ArtsAbility Festival, the first Inclusive Arts festival in South Africa founded in 2014. Mckenzie is part of an NGO named Planet O, an organisation that has developed an app aimed at assisting persons with disabilities by providing an online tool where you are able to find accessible outdoor places to visit and activities to do that are both accessible and inclusive.

Yansi Méndez Bautista

dancer, choreographer
Yansi Mendez Bautista was born 1990 in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. She has been the main dancer of important projects in the national and international scene. She worked on choreographer Damien Jalet's project OMPHALOS, a work created at CEPRODAC, considered the most important contemporary dance stage project in Mexico. In 2021 she obtained the National Dance Award in collective creation together with Luis Ortega and Luis Galaviz. She also won the Best Female Interpreter Award.

Hannah Meyer-Scharenberg

dance dramaturg
After graduating from high school, Hannah Meyer-Scharenberg (she/her) took up studies in theater, film and media studies at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, which she completed in 2020 with a focus on theater and dance. As part of an Erasmus scholarship, she completed a semester abroad at the Université Nanterre in Paris and was able to further her education in international issues of theater studies and performance research. She gained her first practical experience in the field of dance dramaturgy during production-related internships at Ballett Dortmund and Ballett Theater Basel. Since 2020, Hannah Meyer-Scharenberg has been writing freelance for the Theaterverlag's tanz magazine. Following an internship at the tanzmainz festival UPDATE #3 at the Staatstheater Mainz, Hannah Meyer-Scharenberg became first an assistant, later a staff member of the dance direction of tanzmainz with the 2020/2021 season.

Corinna Mindt

dancer, choreographer, actress, lecturer, project manager
Corinna Mindt is a dancer, choreographer, actress and lecturer in Bremen. In addition to engagements as a dancer, she has performed her own choreographies there and in 2005 created tanzbar_bremen, a long-term platform for inclusive dance continuing education and dance theater productions. As a dancer she performed in the pieces Bonnie & Clyde, Rosa sieht Rot, touch me, Erinnerungen schwirren, Ballroombusters on stages and in the streets. Together with many creative minds, she developed the model projects KompeTanz, connect and Kultur:Brücken for which she has been project and team leader since April 2015.

Bojana Mitrović

Bojana Mitrović was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where she received her training at the School of Ballet's Contemporary Department. She graduated from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool de Kunsten in 2012. Previously, she was part of the Serbian National Dance Team for four years, as well as the National Folklore Ensemble. In the 2011/2012 season she was engaged by Club Guy & Roni, where she performed in Mirage, Midnight Rising, Romeo and Juliet and The Soldier's Tale. At the beginning of the 2013/14 season she became a permanent member of the Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg and then moved to the Staatstheater Mainz in 2014.

Nora Monsecour

dancer, author
Nora Monsecour is a member of the tanzmainz company since 2018, where she has worked with choreographers Sharon Eyal, Roy Assaf and Club Guy & Roni. Alongside her dance career, Nora has written a book, titled De weg naar mezelf, sharing her journey as a transgender woman and her pursuit to become a professional dancer. Her story is the inspiration for the Golden Globe nominated film GIRL. Through her writing and dancing, Nora is keen to support the LGBTQ+ community and inspire people to not give up on their ambitions in life.

Elisabeth Nehring

journalist, dance critic, moderator, mediator
Dr. Elisabeth Nehring is a freelance journalist and dance critic for national broadcasters as well as print and online media, cultural-political moderator, mediator and coordinator. Since November 2019, she heads the Fachstelle Tanz für Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In 2018, she moderated and directed the Runden Tisch Tanz in Berlin, a participatory process to develop a concept for dance in Berlin. Elisabeth Nehring was and is a member of several juries as well as a founding member of Tanz.Media and ZTB Berlin.

Jamal Noudjingar Theodore

dancer, choreographer
Jamal Noudjingar Theodore, born in 1994, quickly made a name for himself among young dancers and choreographers in Chad, the "cradle of humanity". With friends, he developed several pieces to promote the new African choreographic expression based on tradition and hiphop and to support the young talents on their way to professionalization. His works are shown in France and in Germany.

Mamela Nyamza


Mamela Nyamza is a dancer, educator, choreographer, and activist in South Africa. A highly versatile dancer, her work combines traditional and contemporary dance with strong, political statements. Drawing from her own biography as well as from collaborations with other artists, she explores issues of gender, discrimination, and trauma both artistically and discursively. Mamela Nyamza has created various non-profit projects that help spread the positive influence of dance in various communities in South Africa. Among them is the University of Stellenbosch's Move 1524 project; a group that uses dance therapy to educate people about issues such as HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and substance abuse. For Tanzkongress 2022, she is co-curating the congress program on Transcendence with Taigué Ahmed.

Aslak Aune Nygård

dancer, performer
Aslak Aune Nygård is a Norwegian dancer based in Bergen, Norway. He holds a BA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2017), where he graduated from the Performance department. He has since been engaged as a dancer, performer and collaborator for various artists such as Roza Mosthaghi, Hege Haagenrud, Ingri Fiksdal, Alice Slyngstad. From March 2018 he has been working with Carte Blanche, the Norwegian National Company for Contemporary Dance.

Darren O'Donnell

urban cultural planner, artistic director
Darren O’Donnell is an urban cultural planner and the Artistic Director of Mammalian Diving Reflex. He has been creating performance work with a group of youth in Toronto since 2006, with many now working for the company and on his board of directors.  He has worked with another group of youth in the Ruhrgebiet since 2012, their work twice nominated for the BKM Cultural Bildung prize. He has just launched a new long-term collaboration with a group of 30 children in Berlin’s Märkisches Viertel under the auspices of the Humboldt Forum. 


Co-Arts platform
Dancers Gala Moody and Michael Carter co-founded OFEN Co-Arts Platform in 2012 with the aim to research and engage with fair working practices in the arts. As dancers, they’ve worked in workplaces including Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, Nacho Duato, Romeo Castellucci, Charleroi Danses, Peiter Ampe, The Australian Ballet, Damien Jalet and others.

Moritz Ostruschnjak

In his works Moritz Ostruschnjak dwells upon the transformations in physical and social experiences in times of digitization and virtualization. His pieces are spaces made up of hyperlinks which utilize the media-machinery of the 21st century as a motif as well as an archive, thus mirroring and reflecting social processes. Following the principle of pick & mix and cut & paste, highly heterogeneous elements and connections form the narrative of a reality in which the boundaries between politics, entertainment and populism become increasingly indistinct. As an active member of the graffiti sprayer scene, Moritz Ostruschnjak developed his interest in contemporary dance through breakdancing. He studied at Iwanson International in Munich and completed his training with Maurice Béjart in Lausanne. After this, he worked as a dancer at home and abroad. He has been working as a freelance choreographer in Munich since 2013 and created the solo Island of Only Oneland and the ensemble pieces Text Neck, BOIDS, UNSTERN and AUTOPLAY. His production YESTER:NOW (2021) premiered at Munich’s largest concert, the Philharmonic hall of the Gasteig and in 2022 he realized his latest piece TERMINAL BEACH. His works have been performed at many European festivals, the production UNSTERN was selected for the TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND 2020 and his solo TANZANWEISUNGEN for Tanzplattform Deutschland 2022. He has been selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty21 Artists (with TANZANWEISUNGEN). In addition, he was 2020 awarded with the Promotion Award Dance of the City of Munich for his artistic work and in 2022 received the three-year grant from the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich. Moritz Ostruschnjak is a member of Tanztendenz München e.V. and has been supported by the network Grand Luxe 2019/2020.

Amber Pansters

Curator, dancer

Amber Pansters (she/her), born in the Netherlands, started her preparatory dance education at ArtEZ in Venlo. From 2013 to 2017 she studied at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, where she finished with a Bachelor degree in Dance. Since season 2017/2018 she is fully employed with Tanzmainz. She has working experience among others with Juanjo Arques, Amos Ben-Tal, Sharon Eyal, Taneli Törmä, Pierre Rigal, Andreas Denk and Guy Weizmann & Roni Haver.
For the Tanzkongress 2022 she is a part of the management team, contributing as a conceptual collaborator. Furthermore she is curating together with her colleague, Finn Lakeberg, the module Dancers as Experts.

Naomi Perlov

artistic director, dancer
Naomi Perlov studied dance at the Bat Dor School (Israel), Schola Cantorum (Paris), with Milton Myers (New York). She graduated with Honors from the Benesh Institute of Choreology (1984). From 1994-1998 she served as the Co-Artistic Director of the Batsheva Ensemble with Ohad Naharin. Since 1988 she has worked as rehearsal director with the choreographer Angelin Preljocaj. She is the founder of The Maslool, a 2-year professional dance program at Bikurey Ha’Itim Arts Center- Tel-Aviv-Jaffa; and Dconstruction - A Methodological Course for Dance Teachers. In 2020, she became the artistic director of the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre in Tel Aviv.

Ayu Permata Sari

dancer, choreographer
Ayu Permata was born in Kotabumi, Nothern Lampung, Indonesia. She belongs to the Pepadun tribe, an indigenous group in Lampung, which is predominantly muslim. She started dancing at the age of nine, joining the tough culture of community dance studios in 2000, where she is still a member today. She studied dance in Indonesia Institute for Arts Yogyakarta, undergraduated majoring Choreography, 2014; pursuing her Master of Dance Creation, 2017. She founded the Ayu Permata Dance Company as a way to support her practice as well as that of her collaborators. In 2017, Permata was selected for residency in Leuven and Brussels as part of the Monsoon Europalia Festival. One of her works, Kami Buta (We’re Blind) won a Service Bakti award at the Asian Technology Festival in Johor, Malaysia, in 2018. The work TubuhDang TubuhDut appeared in the showcase for young artists at Indonesia Dance Festival in 2018. In the same year Permata undertook a two-week residency at Dance Nucleus in Singapore as part of her artistic research process and showed the piece in Jejak-Tabi Exchange in Yogyakarta and Kuala Lumpur. In 2019, TubuhDang TubuhDut was also performed at Spielart Theater Festival in Munich, Germany as well as Spektakel festival in Zurich.

Phitthaya Phaefung

dancer, choreographer
Phitthaya Phaefung (he/him) was born in Chon Daen, Thailand in 1988 and moved to Norway in 1991. He did a one year pre-study in dance at Spin Off in Oslo, graduated from Oslo National Academy of these arts in 2011, with a bachelor in modern and contemporary dance. He has been living in Thailand since 2012 and has been working with Tang Fu Kuen, Pichet Klunchun, Choy Ka Fai, Daniel Kok, Brian Gothong Tan, Jereh Leung, Cheng Ta Yu and Maya Dance Theatre. Since 2015 he has been taking Voguing classes, walked balls, won some trophies, joined the house of Amazon where Leiomy Maldonado is the mother and the founder of the house. He also created a vogue and ballroom scene in Thailand, and is known as the father and mother of Thailand ballroom scene. The pioneer of Thailand ballroom culture. Buddhism would be the inspiration and intention to start his choreographic journey in performance art. Since 2015 he has collected information and done research in vogue and ballroom culture, buddhism and gender performance. He has also been a monk for one month in 2020 to get deeper into buddhism. As a part of the research for creating his performances, he chooses to join the culture and community he uses for his artistic work. In 2019 he did a residency in Taiwan at Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts to start creating his first solo performance: Realness: Luk Kreung. With the same performance, he has done residencies at Rimi/Imir productions (co-producer) in Stavanger, BIT theatre garage (co-producer) in Bergen and a residency within Nordic Residency Exchange Programme at MDT in Stockholm in 2021.

Igor Podsiadly

Igor Podsiadly started dancing in Poland at a young age. He graduated from Codarts in Rotterdam. Since 2005 he is a member of Club Guy & Roni. In 2014 he received a “Zwaan” prize for most impressive achievement in dutch dance.

Paulina Porwollik

dancer, teacher
Paulina Porwollik (she/her) completed her dance training in Contemporary Dance Performance at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK, graduating with both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree. Since November 2021 she has been a guest dancer in the dance company Unusual Symptoms at Theater Bremen, in Germany. In 2019/2020 she worked as an apprentice dancer for Candoco Dance Company in London and danced in the opera The Lost Thing by Ben Wright for the winter season 2019/2020 at the Royal Opera House in London. She has also danced in numerous productions for Humanhood, Jo Fong, Elizabeth Schilling, Tribe Dance Company, Joseph Mercier and Combination Dance, among others. She regularly teaches seminars for students at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and teaches classes/ workshops for Candoco Dance Company / Candoco Youth Dance Company as part of the Candoco Artist Teaching Programme.

Patrick Primavesi

Patrick Primavesi is professor and head of department at the Institute of Theatre Studies at Leipzig University. He is in the directorial board of the Dance Archive Leipzig and deputy director of the Centre of Competence for Theatre (CCT). From 2013 to 2019 he was Dean of Studies at the Faculty of History, Arts and Area Studies in Leipzig. He was member of juries or electorial boards such as Tanzplattform Deutschland 2012, Nationales Performance Netz/NPN Tanz (2013-2017) and Deutscher Tanzpreis (2018-2021). Until 2008 he was research assistant at the Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Frankfurt/Main, were he and Hans-Thies Lehmann established a Master programme in dramaturgy. Since 2016, he leads the working group AG ARCHIV in the German Society for Theatre Studies (gtw) with Franziska Voss (performing Since 2021 he participates in the DFG Consortium NFDI4Culture for the development and curation of data standards, particular for the performing arts. His research projects and publications focus on the history and theory of theatre, dance, and performance, on the critique of representation and on transcultural perspectives, on public spheres, movement in urban space, and archives of cultural heritage in digital environments.

Leisa Prowd

dancer, performance artist

Leisa Prowd (she/her) is a dancer and performance artist. Her interests are pedestrian movement, Butoh, and contact improvisation. Leisa is a member of Weave Movement Theatre and Rawcus Theatre Company and performed in many short films, festivals, and theatre productions.
In 2021, Leisa secured an exhibition of the movement film, I Am Not This Body as part of the Centre for Projection Arts.
Her film, Archiving the Body was shown as part of the Midsumma 2022 Queer My Head exhibition in Melbourne, the Desassossego Short Film Festival, Portugal, and the Cords of Community Film Festival, New York.
Leisa is working with Unusual Symptoms at Theatre Bremen, performing in Harmonia – choreographed by Adrienn Hód.


Matthias Quabbe

Matthias Quabbe is a dramaturg in contemporary dance. From 2007 to 2019 he was dramaturg and production manager at K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg. Since 2020 he works as a freelance dramaturg, among others with Reut Shemesh, Carolin Jüngst / Lisa Rykena, Ursina Tossi, Sabine Glenz, Overhead Project. He teaches dramaturgy in the MA Performance Practices at the ArtEZ Hoogeschool vor de Kunsten and gives workshops on practical production topics (among others Landesbüro Tanz Köln, Tanzbüro München). In 2011, 2014 and 2017 he was a jury member for the Spitzenförderung Tanz NRW. He was a member of the jury for Tanzplattform Germany 2022.

Omar Rajeh

choreographer, dancer
Omar Rajeh, a critically acclaimed choreographer and dancer, is a leading figure of the contemporary dance scene in Lebanon and the Arab world. He founded Maqamat in Beirut in 2002. In December 2019, he moved to France and established his company in the city of Lyon. In 2021, he was distinguished by the French Ministry of Culture ‘for his contribution and engagement in the service of Culture’ with the title of ‘Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres’ (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters). Author of more than twenty choreographic creations, his works question the perception of the unity and singularity of the body, seeking an extraordinary physical presence through vigorous movements with strong socio-political connections. He is the founder of BIPOD-Beirut International Platform of Dance and of Moultaqa Leymoun, a platform that supports emerging artists and promotes the development of contemporary dance in Lebanon and other Arab Countries. He is also the co-founder of Masahat Dance Network and the creator of the digital platform

Juliane Raschel

oordinator, roduction manager, referent
Since 2019, Juliane Raschel has been the coordinator of Tanzplattform Rhein Main, a cooperation project between Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and the Hessian State Ballet that is unique in Germany and promotes dance and its various actors in the Rhine-Main region and networks them both nationally and internationally. She trained in dance at the State Ballet School in Leipzig until 1997 and then studied history. During her history studies, she was a member of the Leipzig Dance Theater and was involved in networking the independent dance scene with each other and with institutional structures. Before moving to Frankfurt's Künstlerhaus Mousonturm as production manager and assistant to the artistic director, Juliane Raschel was a research assistant on the research project Körperpolitik in der DDR – Tanzinstitutionen zwischen Eliteförderung, Volkskunst und Massenkultur at the Institute for Theater Studies at the University of Leipzig from 2012-2014.

Christiane Reitz

studio management, dance teacher
Christiane Reitz first completed her state examinations in English and art education as a teacher before intensifying her relationship with dance in New York. After dance stays with Alvin Ailey, Dancespace and the Broadway Dance Center, she opened - back in Mainz - the Tanzraum Mainz in 1981. In addition to studio management, she taught dance education, jazz, modern jazz and tap dance there in particular.

Madeline Ritter

founder, director
With her Berlin-based non-profit organisation Diehl+Ritter, Madeline Ritter has been instrumental in developing and driving forward new funding policies for dance in Germany, creating ground-breaking models for sustainable cultural practice including Tanzplan Deutschland, TANZFONDS ERBE, Dance On and TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund. She has been on the board of the Pina Bausch Foundation since 2014.

David Rittershaus

researcher, lecturer, cultural journalist, dance critic
David Rittershaus (he/him) studied Applied Theater Studies in Giessen. Since his master's degree in 2017, he has been working as a research assistant for the interdisciplinary dance research project Motion Bank at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, which he has been leading since 2022. In cooperation with the University of Giessen, he is doing a PhD on digital documentation, research and transmission of dance. From 2020 to 2021, he was employed at Goethe University Frankfurt as a research assistant and lecturer in theater studies on a substitute basis and continues to teach there. He was also a mentor in the Master's program Contemporary Dance Education at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. In addition to science, he has been working as a freelance cultural journalist and dance critic since 2018, predominantly for the Rhine-Main section of the F.A.Z..

Emmanuelle Rizzo

Emmanuelle Rizzo is a freelance dancer based in Germany. She worked with different choreographers like Alessandro Pereira, Matteo Carvone, Pedro Dias, and joined the dancers’ cast for Idomeneo Opern by Dustin Klein at Bayerische Staatsoper. She was semifinalist for Solo Dance Contest at Gdanski Festival Tanca in Poland with the duet Hut for Prospettiva Danza teatro in Italy. Lately she won the scholarship Bayern Innovativ Stipendienprogramm and is working on a new creation.

Jenny Roche

senior lecturer, course director, dancer, author
Jenny Roche (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer and Course Director of the MA Contemporary Dance Performance at University of Limerick, Ireland. Having worked as a dancer for many years, she continues to collaborate on interdisciplinary arts projects as a performer, maker and arts practice researcher. Her writing on dance has been published widely, including through her sole authored book Multiplicity, Embodiment and the Contemporary Dancer: Moving Identities.

Christopher Rocholle


Christopher Rocholle started with Mammalian Diving Reflex in 2012 with the Children’s Choice Awards Jury at the Ruhrtriennale. A member of the youth collective Mit Ohne Alles, he was also a performer in Small Talk in Daft Hell and Teentalitarianism, both at the Ruhrtriennale, Nightwalks with Teenagers, presented by the Fidena Festival and The Last Minutes Before Mars at the Bochum Schauspielhaus. His hobbies include Handball, Gaming, Anime and Manga and he has helped Darren O'Donnell acclimatize himself to the world of VRChat, which has not been easy.

Pauline Roelants

choreographer, performer
Choreographer and performer Pauline Roelants graduated at the Amsterdam Theatre School, direction Modern Dance and Improvisation. She is co-founder of United Cowboys and has been with the company from the start as resident choreographer; she’s also involved in all the performances as a dancer/performer. Over the years Pauline Roelants has developed a personal idiom that is characterized by a subtle combination of power, sensuality and eroticism, the choreographies are one of the pillars of the overall work of United Cowboys. Her expressive and at times explosive dance idiom can be described as "the power of motion reduced to the essence." To achieve this, Roelants "boned” dance to the fascination for the body and the power of the performer. Her starting points are always the quality, beauty and vulnerability of the dancers. Finally, she handles the golden rule „individuality instead of uniformity“. Central theme is Man wandering, Man who’s still just trying, and not seldom failing. In the company Roelants forms the artistic team together with director Maarten van der Put; they both undersign the monumental work and they curate interdisciplinary programs in their Art House in the centre of Eindhoven. With intervals, Pauline Roelants gives workshops and Masterclasses dance and performance, in Holland and abroad. Staring point is the performative presence and expressiveness, translated in the focus on alertness, physical awareness and reproduction.

Johanna Roggan

choreographer, dancer, artistic director
Johanna Roggan is a choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the guts company from Dresden. Roggan works throughout Germany and internationally. In 2017, her work Das Eigene / HEIMAT was awarded the Ursula Cain Promotion Prize as part of the Saxon Dance Prize. Her work with various directors brought her to the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Oldenburgische Staatstheater and Theater Junge Generation, among others. Johanna Roggan is strongly committed to improving working conditions in the independent scene and, together with Katja Erfurth, is director of the rehearsal and production house VILLA WIGMAN.

Jochen Roller

A native of the city of Berlin where he has created over 80 contemporary choreographic works in the past, Jochen now lives in Zurich where he holds the position of lecturer of dance theory and artistic practice within the MA Dance at the ZHdK - Zurich University of the Arts.

Rain Rose

performer, choreographer, educator, sex work advocate
Rain Rose (they/them) is a Berlin-based nonbinary performer, choreographer, educator and sex work advocate from the San Francisco Bay. While in Los Angeles, they worked with contemporary artists such as DIAVOLO, Sarah Elgart/Arrogant Elbow and Rappaport Dance. Since relocating to Berlin, Rose’s focus has been drawn to forms of sensual expression and gender performance. As an active member of Berlin Strippers Collective, Rose presents work and leads workshops locally and abroad.

Gitta Roser

freischaffende Choreografin, Tänzerin, Performerin, Tanzvermittlerin
Gitta Roser works nationally and internationally as a freelance choreographer, dancer/performer and dance facilitator. Mixed-abled work is a major focus of her artistic work. In her work she is interested in the uniqueness of human beings and their bodies in their respective cultural contexts. She finds the handling of special and individual abilities as well as the different movement qualities of each person particularly appealing and expanding in the artistic implementation in the contemporary dance context.

Viktor Ruban

Performer, dancer, choreographer-researcher, educator and culture activist

Working on a project basis in Ukraine and abroad based in Kyiv. Director general of Ruban Production ITP Ltd., program director and co-founder of “Impulse of Transformation” independent international dance platform, program and artistic director of venue #KyivDanceResidency – platform for international studies in somatic, dance and performative practices, movement-based art and research. Initiator and ambassador of Ukrainian Emergency Performing Arts Fund initiative. Representative of Ukraine in European Culture Parliament.

Strongly inspired by the works of Jaques Ranciere, Roland Barthes, John Dewey and Franko “Bifo” Berardi. In artistic work explores the correlations between methods of choreography, poetry and cinematography. Also researching interrelations within such binoms as individual and political, private and public, theoretical and practical, ordinary and artistic. Interested in experimenting with other artists in the interdisciplinary projects trying to search for choreographic tools that are appropriated and can be applied to any kind of art. In any interdisciplinary project, eager to question the place and position of the artist ́s body, in its artistic process today. Experiments with different ways of involving nonprofessional audience into creation process and explores the actual practices of mediation between contemporary artists and their audience.

Gregor Runge

Gregor Runge has been co-directing the dance department of Theater Bremen with the company-in-residence Unusual Symptoms since 2018. As a dramaturg he has worked with choreographers such as Samir Akika, Adrienn Hód, Máté Mészáros and Núria Guiu Sagarra. In 2015 and 2017 he co-directed the international performing arts festival OUTNOW! Various jury activities, including on the board of trustees of the Performing Arts Fund and for the state of NRW. In addition, he has a repeated collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.

Kornkarn Rungsawang

dancer, choreographer
Kornkarn Rungsawang is a Thai classical and contemporary dancer. Based in Bangkok, she graduated from Burapha University with a Bachelor in Music and Performing Arts in 2010. Since then, she has been working with Pichet Klunchun Dance Company. As a dance artist, she aims to bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary dance. She has collaborated in the creation of new works with international artists, a recent example is No.60 (2020) by Pichet Klunchun. In 2015, Rungsawang launched her first solo dance work This piece is not completed yet. In 2017, she participated in an art residency program in New York on an individual Fellowship Grant from the Asian Cultural Council. She also took part in the International Choreographers Residency Program at the American Dance Festival. Rungsawang has searched for new possibilities of movement by creating space for exchange and thoughts on body politics of dance. She conducts a Vagina Dance workshop which led to her solo dance series called Organs and Organs#2 presented in Thailand in 2017-2019. Her work focuses on working with people of diverse backgrounds for a wider perspective. Rungsawang had participated the Programme for Critical Practice in contemporary Performance organized by Dance Nucleus in Singapore in 2021. Her newest hybrid performance is called Dance Offering.

David Russo

dancer, choreographer, dance teacher
David Russo is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. After his training at the John Cranko School in Stuttgart, he was a solo dancer in Saarbrücken and Munich. Still dancing in the company, he has been regularly creating his own works and organizing collaborative evenings with dance professionals and transdisciplinary performances in the Munich independent scene. Since the beginning of September 2010, he is part of the teaching stuff at the Ballet Academy of the HMTM. In 2019 he found the initiative TanzQuelle, a project to promote and support the Munich's dance professionals. In December 2021 he was elected from the German Dance Association (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e. V.) to be part of the ethics committee.

Maasa Sakano


Maasa Sakano (she/her) was born in Japan in 1984 and graduated from the National Theater Ballet School in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. After freelance work in Germany, including with Bettina Owczarek, Bianca Martin and shot AG, she joined the dance ensemble of the Staatstheater Darmstadt under Mei Hong Lin in 2008, where she was working with Jochen Ulrich, Johann Kresnik and Christina Comtesse.

In 2011 she moved to Staatstheater Kassel under dance director Johannes Wieland, where she was working with Evangelia Kapetanea, Jozef Frucek, Stephanie Thiersch and Chris Haring until 2013. Sakano also contributed to Tino Sehgal's installation this variation at dOCUMENTA(13) in Kassel.

In 2013 she reached the finals at the International Solo Dance Theater Festival Stuttgart collaborated with Rene Alejandro Huari Mateus and received the audience award at the 17th Festival of Choreographic Miniatures Belgrade. In the same year Sakano worked in Hannover at Landerer&Company with the choreographers Felix Landerer and Simone Deriu.

Since the 2014/2015 season she is a member of tanzmainz and working with Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar, Guy Weizman and Roni Haver, Jo Strømgren, Danièle Desnoyers, José Navas, Garry Stewart, Rui Horta, Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero, Guy Nader & Maria Campos, Alessandra Corti, Andreas Denk and Victor Quijada.

Jone San Martin Astigarraga

dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher

Jone San Martin Astigarraga was born in Donostia/San Sebastian in the Basque Country. Since 2015 she lives In Berlin.

She is a dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher of the Improvisation Technologies developed together with William Forsythe. After working as freelance in Spain and Belgium, she joint in 1992 The Ballett Frankfurt under the direction of William Forsythe until 2004, and then she joint The Forsythe Company until 2015. She was part of the first edition of Dance On Ensemble in Berlin and does collaborate with the second edition. She has created several works and with the sólo/conference, on Forsythe’s choreographic notation, Legítimo/Rezo she is touring all over the world.

During all those years she has worked and collaborated with : William Forsythe, Nacho Duato, Jacopo Godani, Saburo Teshigawara, Fabrice Mazliah, Agnès Chekroun, Carlotta Sagna, Jan Lawers, Jan Fabre, Josh Johnson, Tim Etchells, Matteo Fargion, Rabih Mroué, Deborah Hay, Jan Marteens, Ersan Mondtag, Johannes Wieland, Mikel R Nieto, Emanuele Soavi, Ildiko Tóth, Susanne Kennedy, Mathilde Monnier, Auxiliadora Gálvez, Yodfat Miron.

Right now her coreographic research is in colaboration with deaf persons and sign language translators.

Luisa Sancho Escanero

dance director, cultural manager

Spanish Luisa Sancho Escanero began her ballet training in her hometown of Zaragoza and graduated with the renowned teacher María de Ávila. She gained her first professional experience at Northern Ballet Theatre Leeds and Zurich Ballet. As a solo dancer she worked with Ballet Biarritz, Komische Oper Berlin, Pretty Ugly Tanz Köln/Amanda Miller, Introdans and ballettmainz, among others. In parallel, she worked as a guest artist in international productions with The Forsythe Company, Cologne Opera, Edinburgh International Festival, Cirque du Soleil and Deutsche Oper Berlin. From 2015 to 2020, she was the Artistic Director's Representative and Artistic Coordinator of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. She is a cultural and event manager and worked as Artistic Coordinator, Head of Special Projects and Strategic Collaborations and Advisor to the Dance Director at Staatstheater Kassel from the 2021/2022 season. As of season 2022/2023 on Escanero has been designated Dance Director at Pfalztheater Kaiserlautern.

As of season 2022/2023 on Luisa has been designated Dance Director at Pfalztheater Kaiserlautern.

Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold

dancer, choreographer
Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold is a dancer and choreographer. Her work aims to understand the body, the act of being a body, through and in different contexts. She has made a couple of company works, and series of solo-works, among them Dans, for Satan chosen for Aerowaves and Ice-hot, and most recently, the full evening work GRÅTT. As a dancer, Hilde has collaborated with a vast number of choreographers and companies throughout Europe; Tina Tarpgaard/recoil, Kitt Johnson, Himherandit, Oona Doherty and David Zambrano - to name a few.

Pablo Sansalvador

artistic director, choreographer
Pablo Sansalvador is currently the Artistic Director of TanzLabor at ROXY, Ulm. As a dance facilitator, connector, and producer he is responsible for engaging the local and global dance community, curating, co-producing and programming guest dance performances. As a choreographer he has made over to 15 works that have premiered and performed in theatres, museums, festivals as well as in- and outdoor installations in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and New Zealand.

Daniella Santibáñez

scenic artist, performer, teacher
Daniella Santibáñez was born in 1991 and is a scenic artist, performer and teacher. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a mention in Dance at the University of Chile and is the creator of the corporal practice BOMBA SOLAR. Santibáñez collaborates with various artists and groups, contributing from creation-research, interpretation and choreographic assistance, presenting works in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Germany.

Fanni Schack

dancer, teacher, dance pedagogue
Fanni Schack, grown up in Hungary, is a dancer, teacher and a dance pedagogue. She studied at the University for Music and performing Arts in Frankfurt and holds a BA Degree in Dance with emphasis on Contemporary Dance. She performed and collaborated in various contexts such as Dance Company Nanine Linning and Collectiv:space with Tanja Brechmann, Sven Gettkant and Richard Oberscheven. Between 2014 and 2021, Fanni worked with diverse target groups to encourage self-confidence, awareness and the sense of community through dance.

Jens Schmidt

media artist, doctoral student
Jens Schmidt is a media artist and doctoral student in the DFG Research Training Group Ästhetische Praxis at the University of Hildesheim. He studied media and cultural studies in Düsseldorf and cultural mediation with a focus on music in Hildesheim. Theoretically as well as practically he deals with interactive art situations between performance and installation.

Stefanie Schmitt

Production national

Stefanie Schmitt (she/her) studied communication science and psychology and worked as a research assistant at the Universität Mannheim. She then worked as an assistant director in musical theater. In 2016, she joined the Staatstheater Mainz as assistant to the artistic director/project manager. Since 2021, she has focused on the structural side of things by serving as project manager and working in organizational development for Tanzkongress 2022 – Sharing Potentials.

Janine Schulze-Fellmann

Dance Scientist
Dr. Janine Schulze-Fellmann studied theatre studies at the University of Gießen, where she graduated with a thesis on Dance and religion in the 20th century. She was member of the post graduate program Gender Studies and Literature at the University of Munich, which she finished in December 1997 with her PhD-thesis Dancing Bodies Dancing Gender – Dance in the 20th century from the perspective of gender theory. From 2000 to 2011 she worked as managing director of the Tanzarchiv Leipzig e. V. Since 2011 she works for the faculty History, Arts and Area Studies, at the University of Leipzig: part time at the Institut for Theatre Studies, part time as curricular manager in the Office for Study Affairs.

Connor Schumacher

dance artist, artistic director
Connor Schumacher is a dance artist and artistic leader of ARK/Connor Schumacher, a foundation with which he organizes movement classes, rave sessions and creates performances, with the goal to get people moving. The research is in: Society would be better if we would dance every day. Schumacher is one of the associate artists at Dansateliers in Rotterdam since 2013, by Inclusive Theater Babel Rotterdam since 2021 and a participating artist in the first and second editions of the EU research project Empowering Dance. Schumacher is interested in everything dance was, everything dance has become, and everything dance can be in the future. Because somewhere in there is a key to revolutionary thought. So let’s get moving.

Crystal Schüttler

dancer, choreographer, Yoga teacher

Crystal Schüttler studied stage dance, choreography and dance pedagogy at the Palucca Schule Dresden and at the UAHC Espiral, Chile. Afterwards she was a lecturer at the UAHC and at the Escuela Moderna and danced with Compania Danza En Cruz and Compania Espiral, among others. In Germany she works as a freelance dancer and choreographer and founded Semilla - School for Dance, Performance and Iyengar Yoga in 2015. Regionally she performed at Theater Felina-Areal MA, Tempelhof KA, Theater HD and worked with Unterwegstheater HD and Nostos Tanztheater among others. Since 2019 she is board member and founder of Zeit Tanz Land e.V. (ZTLe.V.), which establishes contemporary dance in rural areas, outside of urban centers. She received grants as a solo artist, for her school Semilla as well as for the ZTLe.V. from the Fond Darstellende Künste, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V., Laft BaWü and the Ministry of Science, Research and Art BaWü, with which she realized e.g. the projects DEEP IN and Tanz_vor_Ort and wrote the Instant Composition & Contact Improvisation - Ein Übungskartetenset. In 2021 she completed the training as an Iyengar Yoga teacher.

Dawit Seto

dancer, choreographer, co-director
Dawit Seto is an Ethiopian contemporary dancer and choreographer.He completed an artist residency in choreography at the Cité des Arts in France and holds a diploma in dance from the École des Sables in Senegal. Seto is pioneering the study of movement language within Ethiopia's extensive traditional dance archive. Through his ongoing creative research practice, Movement Vocab, he is developing a new dance technique informed by the traditional and historical background of Ethiopian culture. Through his performances and choreography, he creates an inventory of somatic language from the collective memory of Ethiopian bodies and makes it accessible to contemporary audiences. He has performed and presented his pieces on notable stages throughout Ethiopia and internationally. Seto is the co-founder of Contemporary Nights, which organizes events showcasing the work of emerging and established artist:s in and around Addis Ababa. He works with Addis Guzo, a non-profit organization that provides mobility assistance to people with disabilities. He is co-director of Movement for Life, a contemporary dance training program for the physically disabled.

Alesandra Seutin

multidisciplinary performance artist
Alesandra Seutin is an award-winning multidisciplinary performance artist and creator, whose focus is exploring movement as a foundation for theatre, media and site-specific works. Seutin works internationally, mainly dividing her time between Senegal, Belgium and the UK. Still herself performing, Seutin has recently returned to the stage as performer, choreographer and movement director for Dear Winnie, an award-winning, multi-disciplinary performance work about the life of Winnie Mandela. Alongside her work with Vocab Dance, Seutin was announced as the Co-Artistic Director of the famed École des Sables in Senegal, alongside fellow alumni Wesley Ruzibiza in 2020. Having trained at the institution herself under Germaine Acogny, Seutin is a worldwide ambassador and teacher of the Acogny technique. In collaboration, they both direct the development of the internationally renowned training programme and professional performance company, Company Jant-Bi Germaine Acogny. Seutin is also currently the Artistic Director of the UK’s National Youth Dance Company, whose 2021 production Speak Volumes was received with great acclaim by the media. In addition to her work on and off stage in performance and writing, Alesandra Seutin spends much of her time mentoring and developing the careers of future generations of makers and creatives.

Sepehr Sharifzadeh

festival-maker, curator
Sepehr Sharifzadeh is a former Clown, Mime, and Puppeteer. He is now working as an agent, festival-maker, and curator. He’s passionate about festivals, anthropology, networking, communication, and languages. Besides running the NH Theatre Agency, he collaborates as a freelance artistic advisor, curator, and creative producer with several local and international festivals and organizations. Among the post-pandemic projects that he curated and produced are the Re-connect online performance festival, The festival academy (Belgium) talking sessions on festival curation, and the first online showcase of contemporary Iranian theatre: New Narratives.

Richard Siegal

dancer, choreographer
Richard Siegal is an American dancer and choreographer. He is founder and artistic director of Richard Siegal/Ballet of Difference (2016), a contemporary ballet company based in Cologne, Germany, in partnership with Schauspiel Köln and tanz.köln. He is also founder of The Bakery (2006), an interdisciplinary platform for performance art. Siegal has been commissioned amongst others by institutions including Bayerisches Staatsballett, Berlin Staatsballett, Ballet National de Marseille, Ruhrtriennale, GöteborgOperans Danskompani, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Sao Paulo Dance Company. He has collaborated with composers including Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch, Alva Noto, Alberto Posadas, L’Ensemble Intercontemporain, Diane Labrosse, Arto Lindsay, and Siegal has been awarded with the New York Dance and Performance Bessie Award, The German National Theater Faust Award, S.A.C.D. Prize, a Beaumarchais, The Mouson Award, and Optionsförderung für Tanz in München. He has also been a resident artist of the ZKM/Karlsruhe, Bennington College and The Baryshnikov Arts Center, and Festspielhaus Sankt Polten. Additionally, Siegal has worked as a faculty member of the American Dance Festival where he curated the annual Forsythe Festival. Siegal is a MacDowell fellow and honorary member of The Bolshoi Ballet's Benois de la Danse. In 2016, Siegal founded the touring company Ballet of Difference together with ecotopia dance productions, missioned with creating new pertinence to ballet in the 21st century. The company is based in Cologne, Germany.

Liane Simmel

medical doctor, osteopath, sport psychology coach, dancer
Dr. Liane Simmel has based her work as medical doctor, osteopath and sport psychology coach on her experience and career as dancer and artistic assistant. With her vision she significantly shaped the development of dance medicine in Germany. Her books on health in dance have been published in several languages and have become standard literature. For her pioneering work in dance medicine, she was awarded the German Dance Prize in 2016.

Joseph Simon

dancer, performer, teacher
Joseph Simon (*1989, FR) is a freelance dance artist based in Rotterdam (NL). He found his way into dance through Breaking and graduated ArtEZ School of Contemporary Dance, Arnhem (NL) in 2014. He works internationally as a performer and teacher and creates his own choreographies and films with the support of Dansateliers Rotterdam. He has worked with Erik Kaiel, Hooman Sharifi, Alida Dors, Jochen Heckmann, Jean-Guillaume Weis, Eric Trottier, Christina Liakopoyloy, Jonas Frey, Dalton Jansen and is currently in a production with Oona Doherty and teaches at Codarts Circus Arts.

Katelyn Skelley

dancer, researcher
Katelyn Skelley is a dancer working in education, research and performance. She holds a BFA in dance from New York University and a MA in Contemporary Dance Education from the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts (HfMDK). Katelyn has a Lehrauftrag at HfMDK and co-initiated the platform re-dance in 2020 that centers parenting dancers, through which she pursues research on the topic of motherhood and dance.

Marija Slavec


Marija (she/her), originally from Slovenia, was part of D.A.N.C.E. (European Interdisciplinary Professional Program) under the artistic direction of Frédéric Flamand, William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor and Angelin Preljocai. In 2010 she became part of the Batsheva ensemble, dancing in Ohad Naharin's and Sharon Eyal's creations. From 2012 to 2016 she danced with the Vertigo Dance Company in pieces by Noa Wertheim, Sharon Fridman and Anna Halprin. She joined tanzmainz in November of 2017. She has been a Gaga teacher since 2010.

Joy Mariama Smith

installation and movement artist, activist, educator, architectural designer
Joy Mariama Smith (*1976, United States) is an installation and movement artist, activist, educator, and architectural designer. They* studied at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem; the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego; L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris; and Oberlin College in Ohio. Their work has been performed internationally, including at If I Can’t Dance Edition VI – Event and Duration, Amsterdam; SoLow Festival, Philadelphia; Freedom of Movement, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; and Ponderosa Movement & Discovery in Stolzenhagen, Germany. Currently, they teach at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam and was a BAK fellow 2019-2020. *They/them/their: third person singular gender-neutral pronoun.(Eng) [hen/hun in Dutch]

Yong-Won Song

dancer, choreographer
Young-Won Song (*1992) studied Dance at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). After completing her studies, she was a member of Bodhi Project, where she worked and toured internationally for the season 2016/2017. After working with many choreographers and companies as a freelance dancer, such as Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau (ECCE), Kainkollektiv, Barnaby Booth, Ryan Mason and Frantics Dance Company she joined Bremen based dance company Unusual Symptoms at Theater Bremen in 2018 and danced in pieces by Adrienn Hód (HODWORKS), Núria Guiu Sagarra, Andy Zondag, Máté Mészáros, Helder Seabra and Samir Akika. Her work One’s developed and performed together with the dancer Diego de la Rosa won the 2017 HELLERAU Residence Prize at the 31st International Choreography Competition in Hanover. In season 2020/2021 She participated in the theater production Vuur/toren (hetpaleis & Laika/ Michai Geyzen) in Belgium, not only as a performer but also as a choreographer.

Victoria Söntgen

dancer, choreographer, dance teacher
Victoria Söntgen studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. As a dancer and choreographer, she is active in the independent scene throughout Europe. She works as a dance teacher, both in her own dance school Die Tanzetage and in the context of cultural education at various institutions. She has been conducting her own project Tanz ins Alter in nursing homes throughout Germany since 2007. She works with children from 3 years old up to adults in higher age.

Tilly Sordat

dancer, yoga instructor

Tilly Sordat was born in the spring of 1995 in the French Alps. After studying contemporary dance at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), she has danced with Iceland Dance Company and Cie Alias. She is now based in Bergen where she performs with the Norwegian National dance company Carte Blanche since 2019. She has cultivated her interest in imagery and mindfulness practices, and is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor.

Oskar Spatz

dancer, performer, teaching assistant
Oskar Spatz danced for many years in the youth dance company Die Anderen and regularly trained in dance, theater and clowning for many years. Since 2010 he has worked regularly as a dancer with tanzbar_bremen. In 2016/ 2017 he became an intern at tanzbar_bremen through the JobBudget and continued his professional path as a dancer, performer and teaching assistant in a permanent position at tanzbar_bremen from 2018. Since then he can be seen as a dancer with own and co-productions such as touch me, Ballroombusters, Kipppunkt, Hullu apina, Erinnerungen schwirren, seasons nationally and internationally. He continuously collaborates with other choreographers as tanzbar_dancer.

Tobias Staab


Tobias Staab (he/him)works as a freelance director, dramaturg, and curator. He launched several programs and festivals, including for the Ruhrtriennale, the DIVE Festival of Immersive Arts, Bauhaus100, Ritournelle, Noise Signal Silence, and Panta Rhei. With choreographer Richard Siegal, he founded the dance company Ballet of Difference in 2016. Since 2018, he has also curated and directed the media art center Oval Office in Bochum. His own artistic works move along the borders of contemporary dance and digital art.

Julie Anne Stanzak

dancer, rehearsal director
Julie Anne Stanzak trained in the USA and worked with Maria Tallchief and Rudi van Danzig (Het National Ballet in Amsterdam) before joining the Tanztheater Wuppertal in 1986. She has danced in more than 30 of Pina Bausch’s pieces. Today, along with being a rehearsal director for the Pina Bausch repertory, she also collaborates with dance institutions and theatres all over Europe, the USA and Japan, teaching, creating new pieces and working with people with disabilities.

Tiemen Stemerding

Tiemen Stemerding, born in the Netherlands, received his bachelor in dance from Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam in 2017. After graduation he worked with the company Habemus Corpus in Barcelona, was a company dancer at Theater Bielefeld , and joined Skånes Dansteater from 2018 onwards. In 2018 he created and performed a duet commissioned by the “Dutch String Guild” and was awarded the regional “Young Talent Prize” of Overijssel. During 2020, Tiemen together with Johanna Wernmo created an awarded short dance film.

Lillian Stillwell

artistic director, choreographer
Lillian Stillwell is designated Artistic Director and Chief Choreographer at Theater Münster, Season 2022/2023. Her work has been seen at Theater Basel, Oper Graz, Oper Zürich, Philharmonie Luxembourg, the Royal Danish Opera, the Norwegian National Opera, throughout Germany and most recently on a renovated lighthouse ship with her Basel-based company SNOW productions. She danced with Johannes Wieland in NYC and at Staatstheater Kassel, holds a BA in Dance and is currently studying for her Executive Masters in Arts Administration at the Universität Zürich.

Matti Tauru aka DJ Tiffany

Dancer, DJ
Matti Tauru (he/him) was born in Kouvola, Finland and began his dancing career in Ballroom competitions. He then transitioned into contemporary dance and completed his Bachelor of Arts at the London Contemporary Dance School. He joined tanzmainz in 2016 and has been with the company since. Aside from dance Matti is very passionate about electronic music and has begun his DJ career under the alias DJ Tiffany.

Mechthild Tellmann

cultural manager, cultural producer
Mechtild Tellmann is a cultural manager for contemporary dance and circus. Her work focuses on company consulting, press and public relations, as well as conception and implementation of sector-specific events such as Re-thinking funding practices in dance for the Kunststiftung NRW and the flausen+bundeskongress on behalf of FWT Cologne and flausen+headquarter. She has taught or lectured at CIAM Cologne, SpoHo Cologne and Ruhruniversität Bochum. As a cultural producer she works in the field of company development since 2010 with CocoonDance Bonn and since 2013 with Overhead Project, Cologne.

Alberto Terribile

Alberto Terribile wurde in Italien geboren. Dort studierte er an der Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Mailand. Anschließend studierte er Tanz am Königlichen Konservatorium Den Haag, wo er 2013 seinen Abschluss machte.Alberto erhielt sein erstes Engagement 2013/2014 beim BalletMainz und setzte dann seine Karriere am Stadttheater Gießen, Theater St. Gallen und Nationaltheater Mannheim fort. In diesen Jahren arbeitete er mit verschiedenen Choreograf*innen wie Felix Landerer, Stephan Thoss, Ohad Naharin, Johan Inger, Giuseppe Spota, Erion Kruja oder Cayetono Soto.Seit der Spielzeit 2021/2022 ist Alberto Terribile festes Ensemblemitglied von tanzmainz.

Thorsten Teubl


Thorsten Teubl studied music and theater at the University of Bayreuth and completed studies in musical theater directing at the HfMT Hamburg with Götz Friedrich. In addition to working as a director and artistic director at various German theaters, he studied cultural management at the TU Dresden and the University Federico II. Naples, as well as various advanced training courses, including Curating in the scenic arts in Salzburg and Munich. After his engagement as dance dramaturg, company manager, later as deputy director of dance theater, at the Staatstheater Kassel from 2008 to 2018, he worked from 2018 to 2020 at the Landestheater Linz as manager and dramaturg together with Mei Hong Lin for TANZLIN.Z and toured worldwide with the company there. In the 2020/21 season he was Deputy Ballet Director and Ballet Dramaturg at Theater Chemnitz, and from the 2021/22 season he has taken over as Dance Director at Staatstheater Kassel.

Stephanie Thiersch

choreographer, filmmaker, artistic director
Stephanie Thiersch (she/her) is a choreographer, filmmaker and the artistic director of the company MOUVOIR, based in Cologne, Germany. She developed over 50 stage-works, films and installations characterized by interdisciplinarity, combining choreography with new media, visual arts and with music. In this context she created productions with orchestra, choirs, string quartet or DJs, among others for Ruhrtriennale, Theater der Welt Festival, Théâtre de Nîmes, Beethovenfest Bonn, Tanz im August, Opera Athens.

Thomas Thorausch

director, dramaturg, curator
Thomas Thorausch has been deputy director of the German Dance Archive Cologne since 1995. After studying theater studies, general and comparative literature, and American studies at Freie Universität Berlin, he worked as an assistant director and dramaturg in Essen, Cologne, and Regensburg, as well as for various independent theater productions in North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition, he worked as a research project assistant for the German Academy of Dance, the German Dance Archive Cologne and the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne. Thomas Thorausch created numerous exhibitions since 1996, including repeatedly on the subject of photography and dance.

Louis Thuriot

dancer, choreographer
Louis Thuriot was born in Belgium in 1996. He graduated at Codarts, school for Performing Arts in the Netherlands in 2018. In his apprentice year, he had the opportunity to work with Club Guy & Roni (Groningen). After that, has been part of TanzMainz since four years now. He has a big interest for Choreography and has toured toured with several of his own creations (such as Balance, Peeping Eye and Sisypean).

Washington Timbó

dancer, musician, teacher, choreographer
Washington Timbó is a Brazilian dancer, musician, teacher and choreographer. He initiated his artistic path through theatre, then developed a deep passion for Afro-Brazilian dances and traditions. He draws from the movement of the deities of Africa, their links with the elements of nature, mixing dramaturgy and mythology in movement. In Brazil, he creates for the group Umoja, and dances with the company Abieié, directed by Irineu Nogueira as well as the school of Samba Vai Vai and the group Samba da Vela. In France, he stands out for his work in several dance performances at Dorothy's Gallery, Musée du Quai Branly, La Bellevilloise, Cabaret Sauvage, and many other events, including the Coburg Festival in Germany. In 2015 he collaborated with the choreographer Volmir Cordeiro and signed the percussion for the show Rue, and joined his contemporary dance troupe in 2018 for the show Sidewalk presented at the Center National de la Danse in 2019. The same year, he signed the dance component of the show JACARANDA created by Fernando del Papa. In 2020 in a first collaboration, Timbó and the musicians of Mamba De La Suerte carry through the fusion of bodies and music, a message of tolerance and respect towards all minorities in a piece called Futuro.

Joana Tischkau

choreographer, artist, perfomer
Joana Tischkau, born 1983 in Göttingen, is a choreographer, artist and performer. She completed her bachelor's degree in dance and acting at the School for Performing Arts at Coventry University in England. In the Master's program Choreography and Performance at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen, she developed a choreographic practice that intertwines the discursive fields of racism, feminism, popular culture and Black German identity and negotiates them in their complexity in an appropriate and accessible way, away from didactic approaches. Her final project PLAYBLACK was invited to the Tanzplattform Deutschland, the Impulse Festival Showcase NRW as well as to the Kaserne Basel. Her follow-up work BEING PINK AIN'T EASY was also invited to Tanzplattform 2022 in Berlin, and previously toured successfully to Münchner Kammerspiele, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, and Schwankhalle in Bremen. In 2019/2020 she was a performer in Recke's Die Kränkungen der Menschheit which was invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen in 2020. In winter 2021/2022 she developed her first own city theater production KARNEVAL at Stadttheater Oberhausen. In 2021 she received the scholarship-like funding #Takecare, sponsored by Neustart Kultur, the Hessian studio scholarship (hap) as well as the Otilie-Röderstein scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Art in Hesse.

Miguel Toro

dancer, choreographer
Miguel Toro was born in Málaga, Spain in 1991. In 2012 Toro joined Staatstheater Nürnberg directed by Goyo Montero, and in 2016 Saarländisches Staatstheater directed by Stijn Celis. Since 2019, he is a freelance dancer, assistant and choreographer, having the chance to participate in projects with Max Levy, TanzLabor - Roxy Ulm, Off-Projects Collective, Marina Miguélez Dance Craft and Ana Rando Dance Company. He’s also creating his own productions as a choreographer: Sin Título & 2746 and Untitled Work.

Ea Torrado

healing artist, dancer
Ea Torrado is a multidimensional healing artist currently based in La Union, Ilocos, Philippines whose medicine combines the use of body, voice, ritual and storytelling. She studied classical ballet and dances in both traditional and contemporary dance. With Ballet Manila and Ballet Philippines, she has toured the United States, Philippines, Russia, Scotland, Japan and Cambodia. In Manila, she founded Daloy Dance Company and was awarded the prestigious Alvin Erasga Tolentino Koreograpiya Award (2014), Remedios De Oteyza Award for Choreography (2016) and Asian Cultural Council Grant (2016). She is a member of the World Dance Alliance - Philippines and (ICONS) International Consortium for Advancement in Choreography.

Ursina Tossi

choreographer, dancer, audio describer, researcher mentor, coach
Ursina Tossi is a choreographer, dancer, audio describer, researcher mentor and coach. She combines dance and political discourse with intense physicality. Her pieces move between Hamburg, with Kampnagel as co-production partner, NRW, Berlin, Munich and internationally. She researches queer-feminist-anarchic ways of working and aesthetics, un-learning processes and artistic access like integrated audio description.

Susanne Triebel

coordinator, dancer, dance teacher
Susanne Triebel is the coordinator of the internationally oriented master's program Contemporary Dance Education - MA CoDE at the HfMDK Frankfurt. Before completing her MA in 2009, she danced for several years at city and state theaters and in the independent scene. Since 2012, she has supervised teaching projects and teaching rehearsals in the MA CoDE and teaches in BAtanz. Since 2020 she is 1st spokesperson of the Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz and curated the 8th Biennale Dance Education 2022 Stuttgart.

Pascal Ulrich

performer, writer
Pascal Ulrich has been working with Mammalian Diving Reflex since 2012 when he was a member of the Children’s Choice Awards Jury at the Ruhrtriennale. A member of the youth collective Mit Ohne Alles, he was also a performer in Small Talk in Daft Hell and Teentalitarianism, both at the Ruhrtriennale, Nightwalks with Teenagers, presented by the Fidena Festival and The Last Mintues Before Mars at the Bochum Schauspielhaus, where he also was a writer on Mammalians All the Sex I’ve Ever Had. He is currently studying design in Dortmund.

Juan Urbina

dancer, teacher, researcher, choreographer

Juan Urbina is a dancer, teacher, researcher and choreographer based in Frankfurt am Main. His early influences are rooted in Venezuelan syncretic practices. Urbina holds a MA in Contemporary Dance Education (MA CODE, HfMDK). Working with topics of multiplicity in moving archives, his training methods gather inner explorations, improvisation scores and collective dances. Juan searches for togetherness in contrasting forms of physical interaction. He enjoys moving to the music and grooving with other bodies.

Amelia Uzategui Bonilla

dancer, artist
Amelia Uzategui Bonilla (she/they) (*1985, Lima) is a graduate from Juilliard and the Frankfurt University for Music and the Performing Arts. She has performed professionally since 2007 in the United States, South America, and Europe. They started choreographing in 2010, and learned with innovative artists, notably, Marina Abramović, Luís Antonio Vílchez, Anna Halprin, NAKA Dance Theater, and Nina Wise. They are published in the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media and the San Francisco magazine, In Dance. Since 2010, Uzategui Bonilla has directed eleven independently produced artistic productions in Lima, San Francisco, and Frankfurt a. M., working on topics such as climate injustice, grief, post-coloniality, and kinship. La Descarga Digital (2020), with support from the Frankfurt Kulturamt and Gallus Theater, was conceived as a digital performance and live-streamed from Z- Zentrum. Perfectionism Detox: a dance with voices from the South (2021), sponsored by the HMWK and Frankfurt Kulturamt, was selected for the Hessische Theaterakademie’s Post-Graduate Fund and developed in a residency at the Frankfurt Lab. It was shown at Sommerwerft Festival 2021 and, related to it, published as a six-episode web series. Since January 2021, Uzategui Bonilla works alongside Mareike Uhl in the realization of ID_Frankfurt e.V.’s ID_Tanzhaus Frankfurt Rhein-Main. With support from Tanzpakt Reconnect and the HMWK, they co-create programming that envisions, extends, and shares infrastructures for dance and performance artists in the Frankfurt am Main region.

Majon van der Schot

performance dancer, artist
Majon van der Schot is an Amsterdam-based performance dancer and artist. Her strong affinity towards self-expression through movement led her to study at Dance Theatre Academy in Tilburg. After graduating in 2012, her practice has been about „being human“ or transmuting the rigid structures that society, institutions and people impose upon people through dance. She says that through moving alone/together/alone, we are developing all the social and physical skills that we need to embrace the complexity of life. It is only through the act of moving we are able to understand ourselves and the world around us. For her, dance is the space of awakening.

Simon van Heddegem

artist, dancer, choreographer
Simon Van Heddegem is an artist, dancer, choreographer. He graduated from the Royal Ballet school Antwerp (2008) and is currently finishing a Master at MA CoDE in Frankfurt. Between 2008 and 2020 he danced with various companies such as Royal Ballet of Flanders, Staatstheater Nürnberg, Oper Graz, Zfinmalta. His classical background is supporting his teaching while he is experimenting with and influenced by various contemporary dance practices.

Thomas Van Praet


Belgian-born Thomas Van Praet (he/him) began his dance training at the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp, Belgium and completed it at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie Codarts in the Netherlands.

Already during his training and also afterwards, he worked with renowned choreographers such as Jens Van Daele and André Gingras, with whose piece The Autopsy Project he toured Europe. Thomas Van Praet was also part of the theater company DOX in Utrecht and Club Guy & Roni before coming to Germany in 2013 as a permanent ensemble member of the Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg.

For the 2014/15 season Thomas Van Praet moved to the Staatstheater Mainz to become part of tanzmainz. There he was seen in Montréal with choreographies by Danièle Desnoyers and José Navas, Plafona Now (choreography: Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar), 4 (choreography: Guy Weizman, Roni Haver), HOM - Das Schweigen der Männer (choreography: Taneli Törmä), Objekt (choreography: Garry Stewart) as well as Sehnsucht, limited edition (choreography: Koen Augustijnen).

In the current season Thomas Van Praet is on stage in the justmainz dance pieces kreuz&quer as well as in Ikarus.

Wouter van Ransbeek

creative producer
Wouter Van Ransbeek was born in Asse, Belgium in 1977. Van Ransbeek made Bachelor and Master degrees in the areas of Psychology, Political Sciences and Theatrical Sciences in Belgium and Austria. He then started his career in theatre in the position of personal assistant of Gerard Mortier. He then became programming assistant in Vienna under Marie Zimmerman, with whom he organized three editions of the Wiener Festwochen as well as the international Theater der Welt festival 2005. After his work on the exponential growth of the international reach of Toneelgroep Amsterdam as employee, Van Ransbeek took on the responsibility of becoming the associate artistic director of the company alongside Ivo van Hove. Alongside nurturing artists at the highest level, Van Ransbeek has for ten years been an essential part of the senior executive team, overseeing the management of TGA’s large ensemble company and building, and developing the company’s strategic and business development into a £Xm organisation. Van Ransbeek is also the key driver behind Toneelgroep’s highly effective and widely respected system for supporting the best homegrown Dutch talent, across various disciplines. In 2018 Toneelgroep Amsterdam fused together with the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, creating a new organisation named, the international theatre Amsterdam. Since then Van Ransbeek has been part of the board of directors of this new organization as creative and program director. He was also the founding father of ITA’s highly successful digital new stage ITA live reaching over 70.000 paying housholds all around the world with the first live 10 broadcasts. After 16 years Van Ransbeek decided it was time for a change and left the ITA at the end of 2021. He wants to dedicate his time working as an independent creative producer for leading artists all over the world, setting up multidisciplinary projects, developing his own music label and acting as an advisor for organization who want to raise their international potential and develop modern strategies for the theater in the 21st century.

Kristina Veit

Kristina Veit received her diploma at the HfMDK. After four years of theater engagements in Austria and Switzerland, she began working freelance in 2005, and in Germany since 2009. She founded ID_Frankfurt e. V., in 2012 Z, Center for Rehearsal and Research, and realizes projects at municipal and state theaters as well as museums and galleries throughout Germany. Veit has been working continuously with children and young people in the field of aesthetic education from special schools to high schools since 2010.

Claire Vionnet

anthropologist, dancer
Anthropologist and dancer Claire Vionnet was shaped by her African childhood in a Cameroonian village. With Swiss parents, she was confronted with questions of identity and cultural origin from an early age. Aware of being born on the "comfortable" side of the planet, she made social injustice her spearhead and chose anthropology as a profession. Specializing in dance, she articulates theory and practice. Her passion is to connect writing and body and express this in dance.

Sabine Völker

Sabine Völker, born in 1967, completed courses of study as a music teacher and orchestral musician. After 15 years of working as a musician, she became orchestra director of the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra in 2012, then deputy artistic director at the Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt Oder in 2015. Since 2019, she has been artistic director of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

Natalie Wagner

dance artist, choreographer

Natalie Wagner has been a freelance dance artist for over 20 years. She has created and directed numerous short pieces as well as full-length productions. She completed her Master in Dance Education at the Zurich University of the Arts (2011) and her Master of Arts Choreography at the Palucca University of Dance in Dresden (2020). She then received a two-year full-time scholarship from the Saxon State Scholarship for Graduates and Master Students and focused on professional identity in dance. Natalie Wagner is designated chief choreographer at the Landesbühnen Sachsen from the 2022/2023 season.

Yeu-kwn Wang

dancer, choreographer
Wang Yeu-kwn started dancing in university. He is a former dancer at Cloud Gate 2 and has turned into focusing more on choreography in recent years. Concerning the human body being defamiliarized within cities, he looks into the connection and distance among humans, between human beings and objects, as well as throughout time and environment. His works experiment on using spaces and objects to deconstruct movement developments, raising questions with dance and philosophical thinking. His recent collaborations with Cloud Gate Theater, National Taichung Theater, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Waiwuying), Treasure Hill Arts Village, Dance Lab include hosting workshops, choreography and performances. In 2019 he founded the dance company Shimmering Production, the aim is to create contemporary dance works and to develop outreach programs for the general public.

John Wannehag

Dancer, actor, choreographer, filmmaker, personal trainer

Dancer, actor, choreographer, filmmaker, personal trainer and social media creative, John Wannehag is currently a member of tanzmainz (Staatstheater Mainz). He previously danced for Skånes Dansteater and ForsWorks. His work spans between film, choreography and performance, exploring a dichotomy of sensitivity and explosiveness, sensuality and conflict which has already won him awards and recognition including: SOLOCOREOGRAFICO, Hannover International Choreographic Competition finalist, Rotterdam International Duet Choreographic Competition, Cinedans Amsterdam among others. Born in Sweden, John trained in Lund, Sweden & graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK, with a MA in performance practice.

Guy Weizman


Guy Weizman (he/him) is the director of two of the big, state funded, performing arts companies in the Netherlands: contemporary dance company Club Guy & Roni and theatre company ‘NNT’. Together they form NITE: National Interdisciplinary Theater Ensemble.

In The Human Odyssey Guy and his ensemble create new performances by collaborating with artists and ensembles abroad, touring various continents. During the pandemic, he created the NITE Hotel: a virtual theatre for cross-platform, custom-made performances and exchange.

Guy started his career in Batsheeva Dance Company and danced with companies like Ultima Vez and Galli Dance before starting ‘the club’ in 2002.

Adrian Wenzel

dancer, performer, teaching assistant
Adrian Wenzel danced for many years in the weekly stage and improvisation training of tanzbar_bremen and regularly trained in dance, theater and clowning. In 2018, he took on a dancer role in the street play Ballroombusters and went on tour with tanzbar_bremen. After several internships, he joined tanzbar_bremen in 2019 as a dancer and teaching assistant. The production Gaffer Tape / Ein Leben für den anderen is his first choreographic work. In the meantime, he has participated as a dancer in Bauhaus - made in Germany, ZWOU and Blitzlichter.

Arnd Wesemann

editor, author
Arnd Wesemann (he/him), editor of the magazine tanz for 25 years, has most recently founded the international website for digital storytelling as a freelance writer, which he has always been, and is a founding member of, the German-language association for the promotion of quality journalism in dance.

Whistle While You Work

Whistle is a platform co-directed by Frances Chiaverini, dancer and choreographer, and Robyn Doty, writer and activist, that promotes conversations around harassment, discrimination and violence towards women, particularly inclusive of trans, disabled, queer, Black, Indigenous and dancers of color, while at work in the arts, and especially in professional dance and performance. Whistle advocates for dancers and coach institutions about safe and responsible working practices. They do this through open forums, workshops, consultations, their anonymous register for dancer testimonials of abuse, and creative works.

Anna Laura Wieczorek

mediator, research associate
Anna Wieczorek sees herself as a mediator in and of diverse contexts. She is not only very interested in the interface between theory and practice, but also in 'interfaces' of diverse people. She always tries to create formats, spaces and frames so that people can come into an exchange with each other. Sometimes she does this in the independent scene in Munich, where, for example, she works together with the Theaterbüro München on the audience mediation format Schau mer mal. Sometimes she does it in a university context, where she first studied dramaturgy (Munich) and then earned a doctorate in dance studies (Salzburg). In between, she was also in Hamburg, working on a research project about the Wuppertal Pina Bausch Dance Theater. Since October 2020, she has been a research associate at the University of Hildesheim in the Department of Theater, Media and Popular Culture. In her research, besides mediation, she is interested in topics such as scores / notations and dance historiography.

Milena Wiese

Milena Wiese, born in Germany, gained her first dance experiences at the Youth Company JET at Tanzhaus NRW. She began her dance training at the Tanz- Gymnasium Essen-Werden and continued it at the renowned Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Rotterdam. Milena joined tanzmainz as an apprentice for the 2017/2018 season, after which she received a permanent position. She is still a member of the company and can be seen in several dance pieces, such as Soul Chain, Sphinx or Sacre.

Christoph Winkler

Christoph Winkler is one of Germany's most distinguished and versatile choreographers. His work covers a wide spectrum of formats and ranges from very personal to political themes. Under the umbrella of Company Christoph Winkler, he brings together dancers from all over the world to work together as temporary collectives on a broad spectrum of content. Since 1996, he has created more than 80 dance pieces as a freelance artist. In 2016, the Faust Prize was once again awarded to one of his productions when Aloalii Tapu was named "Bester Tänzer" for the solo Urban Sou Café. In 2020 Christoph Winkler was awarded a George Tabori award.

Felix Wittek

EU fundraiser, production dramaturg
Felix Wittek is an independent ISO-certified EU fundraiser and producer in the field of performing arts. He develops and applies for EU projects for cultural institutions and has specialized in the production of complex collaborative projects and in advising artists and funding institutions since 2016. From 2013 to 2016 he was director of the internationale tanzmesse nrw and then innovation manager at Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. As a cultural producer, he has worked in recent years for Kampnagel, the 7th Biennale Tanzausbildung and the Hamburg VRHAM! festival. Since 2019 Felix Wittek is the production dramaturg of deufert&plischke.

Diana Wöhrl

choreographer, dancer
Diana Wöhrl is a freelance choreographer and dancer. In 2017 she founded the non-profit organization Choreoloop – Platform for Contemporary Dance e.V. in Augsburg. She puts her artistic focus on socio-political issues, feminism and interdisciplinarity. Meanwhile she is working further on her own method Embodiment of Emotions. In March 2022 her new work Nimm Platz! was premiered as a guest piece at Staatstheater Augsburg. 

Ophelia Young


Ophelia Young is a dance-worker currently based in Germany. She studied contemporary stage dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. From 2014-2021 she has been a full-time member with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. Since 2021 she is working freelance as performer, collaborator and creator in different project-based formations in Germany and abroad. Ever since she was elected as ensemble representative at TTWPB in 2018, she got sensitized to the cultural political sphere and social dimensions of the performing arts processes and is keen on questioning the status quo of the field. Her objective is to contribute within her abilities and support change in the industry from within as an active participant. Working with OFEN Co-Arts- Platform on the How do you respond? discussion-groups, is one more precious opportunity to learn and contribute towards improving the work environment of the dance scene.


Anicet Zehoua

dancer, choreographer
Born in Ivory Coast, Anicet Zehoua was trained in urban dance in the streets of Abidjan. He joined the Joseph Aka Company in 2014 as a contemporary dancer for the creation NO RULES ANYTHING GOES. His thirst for knowledge and improvement invited him to participate in training workshops and to create his own company in 2018. His first performance was presented during the Dense Bamako Dance festival in Mali 2018 and during the Dance Umbrella festival in South Africa 2019. This work allowed him to participate to the workshops at the CND Paris in 2019. He continues now to develop his work in France.

Ewelina Zielonka

dance artist
Ewelina Zielonka - freelance dance artist, working in Frankfurt am Main. In 2013 she completed her Bachelor's degree in Movement Studies and Dance Education at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität (Linz/AT), and in 2015 completed her Master's degree in Contemporary Dance Education at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to choreographic work with Hella Lux, Kristin Gerwien, Zielonka leads various artistic projects with amateurs - she works with teenagers as part of Dance in Schools, with children as part of the project MOOVE ON! and the project You & Eye offered by the Cultural Department of Frankfurt. For the last 4 years she has been leading the dance club at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, which is accompanied by Tanzplattform Rhein-Main.

Alfredo Zinola

choreographer, performer

Alfredo Zinola (*1982) is a choreographer and performer. He graduated from the University of Turin (IT) with a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology - Intercultural Communication and studied Modern Dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and Curating in Scenic Arts at the University of Salzburg (A). His main artistic focus is the production of contemporary dance pieces for young audiences. In doing so, he wants to push the boundaries of what a performance for children can be, and he wants to question the relationship between society and childhood. Zinola's work seeks to create a consistent and uncompromising experience between the audience and the performers, and his work is also based on collaborations with other artists: such as Felipe González, Maxwell McCarthy, Ximena Ameri and Micaela Kühn. For 2020 to 2022 he is Factory Artist at Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf.

Iokaste-Kyriaki Zografou Mantzakidou

dance maker, performance artist, educator
Iokasti Kyriaki Zografou Mantzakidou (they/them), dance maker, performance artist, educator and drag freak from Greece. They hold a BA in Anthropology and History and an MA in Cultural Management. They studied contemporary dance at the BA Dance program at ZZT Cologne and are currently finishing their dance education at Die Etage Berlin. Since ten years, they have been part of collective queer feminist community spaces between Greece and Germany. They have been working with various performance groups, choreographers and interdisciplinary artists, such as UNOS UNITED, Tchivett, Volker März, Kosmas Kosmopoulos, Vassilina Megla and their work has been presented in Germany, Greece, France and Switzerland.


Management Team
Programme director: Honne Dohrmann
Artistic production management: Lisa Besser
Dramaturgy:Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė
Conceptual collaboration: Marina Grün, Finn Lakeberg, Amber Pansters
Communication and meeting formats: Felix Berner
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Inland production: Stefanie Schmitt
Head of artistic administration: Jana Bäskau

Editor & Production Manager TanzkongressNITE.hotel: David Rittershaus

Production assistance: Nicole Nieß
Production trainee: Alejandra Mieles Silva
Assistance Livestreaming: Rui Wu, Leonard Kaiser

Ticketing: Ulrike Diestel-Kroll, Bernd Wagner
Front of house manager: Dr. Mandana Khaldepour-Herrmann

Accountancy & Controlling: Kerstin Creutz

Asian Connections Through Bodily Expressions: Gwen Hsin-Yi Chang, How Ngean Lim
body-landscapes: María José Cifuentes, Eleno Guzmán Gutiérrez
Co-Creating with Communities: Felix Berner, Marina Grün
Collective Growth: Fabienne Bill
Dancers as Experts: Finn Lakeberg, Amber Pansters
Dance Education: Bertha Bermúdez
Dance and Digitals Space: Tobias Staab, Guy Weizman
New Friendships!? - Independent scene and cultural institutions: Honne Dohrmann, Thorsten Teubl
Open Calls: Honne Dohrmann, Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė, other curators of the team
Rehearsal Director: Friederike Lampert
Transcendence: Taigué Ahmed, Mamela Nyamza
Well-being and the social question: Pia Krämer

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PR: Hendrik von Boxberg, Vera Fleischer, Sophie Boysen
Managing editor: Sylvia Fritzinger
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Social media: Marie Helene Anschütz, Zachary Chant, Madeline Harms, John Wannehag
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Proof Reading: Madeline Harms, Amy Elizabeth Lim

Scenography Tritonplatz & Living Installation “Temple of Care”: Lucia Vonrhein
Scenographic Assistant: Marielle Sokoll

Technical Department
Technical Director: Dominik Maria Scheiermann
Technical Coordinator: Justus Matla

Head of workshop
Bertil Brakemeier

Specialist Consultation
Diversity development: Ella Steinmann
Inclusion/Accessibility: Gerda König, Lisette Reuter
Sustainability strategy: Tabea Leukhardt, Katrin Wipper, Sarah Lüngen

Team German Federal Cultural Foundation

Coordination: Karin Kirchhoff
Communication: Kathrin Mergel
Administration: Laura Klopf


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In the 1920s and 30s, Mary Wigman and Gret Palucca used the dancers’ congress as a way to bring together the different dance scenes in Germany. The German Federal Cultural Foundation opted to revive this legendary tradition in a contemporary format in 2006. The first Tanzkongress took place in Berlin and was followed by congresses in Hamburg (2009), Düsseldorf (2013), Hanover (2016), and Dresden (2019). The sixth edition of Tanzkongress, due to take place in 2022, will be hosted by the Staatstheater Mainz in cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Honne Dohrmann will be programme director.

Tanzkongress takes place at a series of alternating performance venues in Germany. On the basis of a nationwide call for tenders, interested cities were given the opportunity to apply by spring 2020 to host Tanzkongress 2022. On the recommendation of the managing committee of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the foundation’s executive board selected the city of Mainz to act as host, with Staatstheater Mainz as the venue.

Guided by the principle of Sharing Potentials, the Tanzkongress in Mainz is set to become a site of exchange, learning, and growth for dancers and for the increasingly hybrid dance scene. The starting point for the concept of the congress is the way in which tanzmainz operates within the context of the independent dance scene and repertory theatre and at the interface between the two.

Advisory board

The advisory board advises the German Federal Cultural Foundation on the cultural policy orientation of Tanzkongress 2022 and supports the artistic director with regard to issues of programme development.

Kattrin Deufert
Prof. Ingo Diehl
Prof. Nik Haffner
Bettina Masuch
Bettina Wagner-Bergelt